Top 10 Football Trademark Player Moves

They call football “The Beautiful Game” and it has the ability to both amaze and inspire. It is an incredibly creative sport and this means that different players, and even nations, have adopted different styles and philosophies when it comes to playing. Some of these styles are particularly easy on the eye and a joy to watch, and this will often have something to do with the way in which the ball is controlled, seemingly on a string. Over the years players have created and developed their own trademark moves, and when they pull these off in the game it will have even opposing fans marvelling at their skill.

These trademark moves will often involve dribbling skills which are not just impressive, but also particularly effective. These moves can be so devastating that they will leave a defender in their wake, but of course these moves cannot be used all the time as the defender will be expecting it. This means that players need to come up with variations and counter moves to keep their opponent on their toes, and this can make for some fascinating battles between attacker and defender. It is not just dribbling moves that players have trademarked over the years too, as there are many who have developed a signature pass or shot which can be particularly effective and of course have a healthy amount of showmanship sprinkled in as well.

The possibilities are endless with football as it is such a creative sport, and these trademark moves are now practised by millions around the world and play a large role in making it such a beautiful game to watch.

Here are the top 10 trademark player moves.

9 Robinho – Pedalada

8 Ricardo Infante – The Rabona

The football world was in awe of Erik Lamela’s outrageous “Rabona” goal earlier this season, but it is fellow Argentine Ricardo Infante who invented the impressive strike.

7 Kerlon – The Seal Dribble

6 Totti –Cucchiaio

5 Cristiano Ronaldo – The Ronaldo Chop

4 Rene Higuita – The Scorpion Kick

3 Rivelino – Elastico

2 Zinedine Zidane – Roulette

1 Johan Cruyff – The Cruyff Turn

A true wizard with the ball, Johan Cruyff has had an enormous impact on the modern game and was truly mesmerising to watch. The Cruyff Turn has now become a famous trademark move which is used by many players, but none can make it quite as devastating as the Dutch legend. The Cruyff Turn involves pretending to pass or cross the ball before dragging the ball behind your planted leg with the inside of your foot, rotating so that you are back in line with the ball before racing away from the defender.

Cruyff most famously used this crafty move at the 1974 World Cup against Swedish defender Jan Olsson, who would reflect “I played 18 years in top football and 17 times for Sweden but that moment against Cruyff was the proudest moment of my career. I thought I’d win the ball for sure, but he tricked me. I was not humiliated. I had no chance. Cruyff was a genius.”

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Top 10 Football Trademark Player Moves