Top 10 Funniest Things That Have Stopped A Football Match

Football can bring up all sorts of weird and wonderful things. There is of course the drama of a last minute or a goal which should not have counted. On the other hand, fans across the globe undergo all sorts of torment when it comes to overtime equalisers as well as unjust red cards and even career threatening injuries.

However, when both teams take to the hallowed turf, there are certain aspects which are unfortunately beyond their control. Tales of the unexpected can also take place on a football pitch which have no meaning and are certainly an unexpected force. This in turn can lead to plenty of hilarity as groundsmen not to mention stadium crew attempt to restart the game.

Take for example an old favourite which is in the form of floodlight failure. Considered to be one of soccer's biggest foes, there is no better comic appeal when a ground is suddenly plunged into darkness. Often, this brings about lots of cheering and shouts of wahey as the light suddenly fail. With games being halted from just a few minutes to more than half an hour is a constant footballing pain for many.

In addition to this, the weather can play an integral part as far as stopping a game is concerned. One recent example of the elements getting the better of match featured lower league sides Bury and Southend United. The latters fans were travelling all the way up from Southend to the north of England for a 3PM kick off. This involved a six hour round trip for those gutsy Southend fans. However, once they were in the stadium and the game got underway it was soon abandoned. This was largely in part down to a waterlogged pitch and as a result the game was called off at just six minutes of play.

For the purposes of this list though, we're going to keep it light, and might even get a chuckle out of you readers with some of the funnier things that have stopped a football match. While the football fan in you might be irritated at the prospect of these things stopping a game, your human nature has to find some humour in it.

So with that we now get to the entries: what are some of the funniest things to have stopped a game?

10 Chicken


9 Drone


8 Black Cat

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7 Selfies


6 Young Boy


Before the days of streakers who were soon to become de rigour, young kids were trying their luck. One of the most funniest incidents happened in the 1970s at Old Trafford which involved a game with Manchester United. As a cross came in from the right hand side of the field and was soon nodded down from nowhere, a young boy appears on the pitch. Not overawed by the occasion or the players, he steps up to the ball and gives it an almighty whack. In spite of the fact that he does not score, it has provided one of the all time great sporting clips.

5 Penalty Spot Paint

4 Free Kick Fiasco

3 Dog


2 Fog


1 Pine Marten


As they say, some creatures are great and some are small. Over in the Swiss League, a game between FC Thun and Zurich was interrupted due to a furry pine marten which had made a dash for it onto the field. This weasel like creature managed to avoid capture for more than five minutes and proved to quite the speed merchant. It was almost stopped by a Zurich player was also bitten by the wily animal. Some of the martens' main characteristics include sharp teeth and one defender was unable to weasel out of this scenario. In the end, the goalkeeper proved his worth by capturing the culprit with his gloves.

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Top 10 Funniest Things That Have Stopped A Football Match