Top 12 Reasons Jose Mourinho Is No Longer The 'Special One'

How the mighty have fallen. When you think of great people being toppled you always remember Goliath. People had the perception that he was invincible until he met his match in the most unexpected way. This is similar to what's happening to Mourinho, though his undoing is attributed to many different factors rather than a specific person. Mourinho's achievements are quite staggering. He was the first ever manager to win every domestic title in four European leagues, and is part of an elite group of coaches who have won the Champions League with two different teams. It is therefore no surprise that he's quite conceited. In fact, his ego is so large it's a separate entity.

It has however taken a hit recently. Chelsea have lost more than half of their matches so far and some of their best players are shadows of themselves. Their enviable home record is fading away and this has culminated in them being 15th in the league, only a few points above the relegation zone. Those who had tipped Chelsea to claim the Premier League title again this season have now changed their tune as this doesn’t seem possible. Mourinho on the other hand has received heavy fines on top of stadium bans and could also be facing a lawsuit from Chelsea's former team doctor. With an owner who sacks managers like it's a recreational habit, it’s really no surprise how things have turned out for him. Truly, when it rains it pours. Thing have been so bad that the only special thing the self proclaimed "special one" has done this season is set a new club record for worst ever start to the league. Here are the 12 reasons Jose Mourinho needs a new moniker.

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13 His Methods Are Being Questioned

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Belgium coach Marc Wilmots reportedly favours a move by Eden Hazard to Real Madrid because he fears that Hazard could suffer burnout before next year’s European Championship. Former Russia coach Fabio Capello also claimed that Mourinho drives his players to mental exhaustion after two years leading to poor performances. Considering his unsuccessful 3rd season at Real Madrid and Chelsea’s current disastrous one, also his third, people are starting to think that Capello and Wilmots could actually be right. Potential employers will be wondering whether Mourinho can still be able to deliver the trophies in the long term and not just within the first couple of years.

12 Penalties became a lifeline

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Everyone remembers his epic seven-minute rant after Chelsea's 3-1 loss to Southampton in a home game. Chelsea had a penalty appeal turned down while the score was still tied and he claimed that there was a witch hunt against them. He said that people liked bringing down top teams and then implored the referees to give them a break as they were going through a tough time. He again complained about being denied a penalty after their loss to Bournemouth. While most managers usually complain in such a situation, Mourinho’s constant issues with the refereeing showed just how desperate he was for someone to throw them a bone.

11 First Managerial 'vote of confidence'

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The loss to Southampton subsequently led to him being subjected to the first managerial vote of confidence in Roman Abramovich's ownership. This definitely isn't a situation he'd have liked being the first to experience, as Abramovich has been known to sack managers even when they have performed well let alone poorly.

Mourinho was likely given an ultimatum demanding improvements from the team meaning he had to turn things around quickly in order to save his skin. It also served as a message to him that he was not indispensable.

10 Gag order

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Mourinho has never shied away from speaking his mind. Whether it's about his fellow managers, other teams in the league or decisions made by match officials, his statements generate a lot of controversy. What's been constant is that he usually stands by them despite criticisms. However, his mouth's been shut after it got him two separate stadium bans one of which he already served. These were due to implying match officials were biased and an altercation with a referee at half- time.

In subsequent interviews after the bans, he refrained from giving his exact opinion on matters relating to match officials. This uncharacteristic silence isn’t something you’d normally expect from him.

9 No Longer Defiant

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Mourinho's half-time drama at West Ham came after a Chelsea player was sent off during the first half. He was then sent to the stands for the second half from where he watched his team lose. His antics also saw him get a stadium ban for their next match which he did not appeal. This was perhaps due to the fact that he had earlier lost an appeal against a separate stadium ban. It was a novelty seeing him accept a decision without further ado especially after complaining that he was the only manager who got punished for his actions.

8 Reduced to Making Indirect Pleas to Keep His Job

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Chelsea's 2-1 win against Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League couldn't have come at a better time as they had just suffered an embarrassing defeat to Liverpool. One of the incidents that stood out in the match was the fact that Chelsea fans chanted Mourinho's name throughout as a show of support. This provided him with the platform to launch an appeal to keep his job through the media. He interpreted the chants to mean the fans wanted him to stay and were trying to urge people to let him work. We all know his plea was directed towards a certain impatient Russian. Too bad it didn’t work.

7 No Longer the Media Darling

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Mourinho ditched the usual post match press conference after their defeat at West Ham. This was after he'd gone off at half-time with the referee bearing the brunt of his anger. The match saw Mourinho, his first-team coach and a Chelsea player sent off, meaning the media certainly had a lot to discuss. He most likely was too embarrassed after having lost another match or perhaps he was just exhausted after all the shouting. We’ve clearly come a long way from when he used to be a favourite of the media.

6 Questionable Behaviour

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Mourinho has been under a lot of pressure ever since the season started and this has led to him taking out his frustrations on a number of people. It started after Chelsea’s first match of the season when he insulted the first-team doctor after she went to treat an injured Eden Hazard. He then proceeded to criticize the decisions made by the referees. He further complicated matters during their match against West Ham when he confronted a match official at half-time after a Chelsea player was sent off during the first half. His behaviour has brought him stadium bans, fines and a possible lawsuit.

5 Failed Tactics

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Mourinho knows how to read a match and get the required result. Chelsea scored fewer goals in the latter half of last season but they still won the league due to a well organized defence that saw them concede fewer goals. He however couldn’t get the best out of his players this season and seemed confused on a number of occasions as he wasn’t sure whom to field or bench. The substitutes rarely made an impact and he hadn’t found his preferred starting line-up yet. While this isn’t the only reason for Chelsea’s failure, it has contributed to their dismal performance in the league so far.

4 No Top Four

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Mourinho always has his sights set on the title. He's been confident enough to tell Carlo Ancelloti he'd have zero titles end season when he was at Inter and the latter at A.C. Milan. He's also repeatedly mocked Arsene Wenger for not having won the league in years. He was however a completely different person when interviewed before their match against Liverpool. His reply to whether he thought Chelsea would qualify for the Champions League was a very telling "I cannot promise." After the loss to Leicester, he admitted that there was no chance of making it to the top four. Gone is the bullishness and arrogance of last season.

2 Lost the Dressing Room

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It was revealed that Mourinho got the sack due to discord between him and the players. Well tell us something we didn’t already know. He’s benched pretty much everyone including last season’s best player Eden Hazard. The latest to be offered a seat on the bench is Diego Costa who didn’t take it gracefully and was obviously in a mood during the match. Let’s not forget when Nemanja Matic came on as a half-time substitute only to be taken off 28 minutes later. There obviously was bad blood between him and some of the players and let’s be honest, clubs rarely pick the manager over the players.

1 Sacked Twice By the Same Club

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He first left Chelsea in 2007 after three seasons and amid rumours of poor relations with owner Roman Abramovich. Chelsea’s 2-1 defeat to league leaders Leicester City ensured he didn’t make it to three this time round for he was dismissed days later. The fact that a manager of his calibre was given the sack for the second time shows that even the best can never consider themselves safe when it comes to Chelsea. Regardless of all these unfortunate circumstances, he still is one of the top managers and he might be back in the dugout sooner than we can imagine.

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