Top 13 Hottest Daughters of Soccer Stars

Yes, I am a complete creep for writing this article. No, I deserve no forgiveness. If you are a father of one of these women, please do not come after me.

Before you read any further, I must inform you that in order to complete this journalistic endeavor I engaged in some of the most vigorous internet creeping since the dawn of social media. To you this may evoke what bachelorettes likely did prior to this season’s The Bachelor with Ben Higgins – except their version likely involved more lust and fewer rigors. The only reason that analogy popped into my head is because The Bachelor aired immediately following Jeopardy! The point is, creeping was the primary method for gathering information for this article. Perhaps such methods are now standard in 21st century journalism - if this article is even deserving of that description.

On to the daughters: It’s important to note that they are not known for being socialites or models, with a few exceptions. Instead, they are simply known as the daughters of soccer stars. As such, their photos aren’t exactly strewn across the internet. Due to this lack of evidence, ranking them by their looks was not at all a simple task. I decided to go to the next step.

Instead of ranking purely on traits typical SI swimsuit models such as Kate Upton or the lip-filling Kylie Jenner (both of whose photos undergo masses of airbrushing, if you were still unaware), I’m attempting to consider anything from athletic accolades to educational background, and even how illustrious their own father’s careers were. So, there may be a couple of caked-up faces in this list, but fewer than you might expect.

Again, please forgive me, fathers (of daughters). We’ve made this list an unlucky 13 because only bad karma can come from doing something like this, am I right?

13 Dalma Maradona – Daughter of Diego Maradona 

GRACIAS @micafaiman ❤️ Gracias @masnegroficial @soficaputo @cerininet @rickysarkany ?

A photo posted by Dalma Maradona (@dalmaradona) on

She might be beautiful, but her father’s unspeakable doing in the 1986 World Cup quarterfinal against England will leave her in last place in any ranking – at least for all of us associated with Her Majesty. For those of you unaware, “The Hand of God” is what is being referring to. Diego’s blatant fisting of the ball into the goal went uncalled and England has since been unable to get to the finals of a World Cup since. Dalma is in her 20s and is a professional singer and actress, so of course she has Instagram and Twitter pages. Interestingly, her sister Giannina was married for four years to Manchester City star Sergio Agüero.

12 Kelly Cates – Daughter of Kenny Dalglish 


Kelly Cates, the eldest daughter of Kenny Dalglish has married on, but there is still a 50-50 chance for those of you who will be single in a decade or two, right? It turns out that one of her two younger sisters, Lynsey and Lauren, makes an appearance on this list as we continue. Their father, Kenny, is often unanimously considered the best Scottish soccer player of all time. He has won multiple individual accolades, team Cups, and league titles playing with both Glasgow Celtic and Liverpool. Mr. Dalglish even made it on to Pelé’s list of 125 best footballers. Kelly is a proud daughter, no doubt.

11 Valentina Allegri – Daughter of Massimiliano Allegri 


Valentina is certainly a stylish-looking Italian, at least so it appears on her Instagram page (@valentina_allegri). She seems to be just like any other young self-involved Italian woman her age, though her attention to style and makeup would make any Kardashian daughter proud.

10 Charlotte Rummenigge – Daughter of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge 


9 Hollie Shearer – Daughter of Alan Shearer 


8 Matilde Mourinho – Daughter of José Mourinho 


7 Estelle Bergkamp – Daughter of Dennis Bergkamp


A photo posted by Estelle Bergkamp (@estellebergkamp) on

6 Lauren Dalglish – Daughter of Kenny Daglish

5 Lindsay Rijkaard – Daughter of Frank Rijkaard 


This one is a rarity. I went through, Spanish, Brazilian, and Dutch tabloids to confirm this, but Lindsay seems to have dated the beloved Ronaldinho Gaucho while he was coached by her father, Frank Rijkaard, at Barcelona. Then again, the original source on this may not be credible, just as ESPN’s Chris Mortensen showed us with “Deflategate,”

4 Bianca Gascoigne – Step-daughter of Paul Gascoigne

3 Claudia Hierro - Daughter of Fernando Hierro 


Claudia captured the awe of many Spanish online publications, and will now capture yours, after photos of her family vacation in Ibiza surfaced. Speaking of family, they certainly have not shied away from the limelight as her brother Álvaro dated Miss España, Desirée Cordero. Her father Fernando is a five-time La Liga champion with Real Madrid and three-time UEFA Champions League winner.

2 Natalia Butragueño – Daughter of Emilio ‘El Buitre’ Butragueño 


1 Elmira Dassaeva, 29 – Daughter of Rinat Dasayev 


Here’s our number one: Elmira Dassaeva of Aragon, daughter of the legendary Russian goalkeeper of the 1970s, Rinat Dasayev. Elmira, whose father easily made it as the only Russian on Pelé’s list of the 125 greatest footballers, has carried on the athletic gene.

The “ of Aragon” is not a silly Lord of the Rings reference but rather the region in northeastern Spain where Elmira was named Athlete of the Year in 2005. She earned that title after being named the 2005-2007 World Series champion for individual aerobic gymnastics. For those of you with similar ignorance about gymnastics, aerobic and rhythmic gymnastics is basically figure skating on steroids with imaginary rings on a gym floor, with some break dancing mixed in for good measure.

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Top 13 Hottest Daughters of Soccer Stars