Top 15 Countries with the Sexiest Soccer Fans

Although some can’t stand the game because of the generally slow build-up and on-field theatrics, football  - or soccer – is by far the largest sport in the world when it comes to both participation and support. On top of the great moments that happen on the pitch, the highlights off the field are a huge drawing card for passionate fans and casual viewers alike.

It’s generally commonly accepted that European teams dominate the sport, whether it be at club level or internationally. However, it’s easy to argue that Europe is overshadowed by South America when it comes to the main attraction off the pitch, certainly for casual viewers, that being the female fans in the stands.

Although Europe has its fair share of powerhouse stunners to match the likes of powerhouse international teams in Germany, Spain and Belgium in recent times, it’s difficult to hold a candle up to the drop-dead gorgeous looks of the vibrant, loud and seemingly flawless South Americans.

The atmosphere at European football matches is always loud and dominated by passionate males, and while South American sides often match the noise level, their flamboyance and colorful nature makes it easy for eyes to wander in their direction.

Of course, that’s not to say that Europe doesn’t offer up some serious eye candy, but it’s hard to match the South Americans. For any lover of ladies, male or female, this list offers up something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you agree with the list or not – it’s pretty much an impossible task to rank the football ladies from these countries – everyone can consider themselves a winner with just a few quick glances to the stands when these international sides play.

Here are the top 15 countries with the sexiest international soccer fans.

15 Uruguay


14 Netherlands


13 Bolivia


12 Poland

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11 Belgium

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10 Mexico


9 Chile


8 Argentina


7 Germany

Tim Groothuis/Witters Sport via USA TODAY Sports

6 Sweden


5 Portugal

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4 Paraguay


3 Spain


2 Colombia


1 Brazil


In times of great difficulty, you always fall back to what you know and what makes you comfortable. When looking for a lovely view beyond the pitch, Brazilians never fail to produce. Ask any heterosexual male you know about the top five female nationalities they dig and you'd be hard pressed to find a single one that doesn't include Brazilian. To put it into perspective, Brazilian female football fans are as sexy as Brazilian male football players' hairstyles are stupid.

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Top 15 Countries with the Sexiest Soccer Fans