Top 15 Hilarious Cristiano Ronaldo Memes

Cristiano Ronaldo is a legend. There is no going around it, you may hate him, or you may love him, but you cannot deny that the man is a myth in the world of soccer. He is the first footballer ever to reach 40 goals in a professional league for two consecutive seasons. Sure, his arch nemesis Lionel Messi tied the record the year afterward, but Cristiano was still the first. And that has been the tone through the whole duration of his career. Not only their careers, but the entire world of soccer has pretty much become a two-horse race between the Argentinian and the Portuguese to decide who is the best.

Now, this is a subject that will spark debates at any bar or pub around the world, and depending on which part of the planet you live, they might turn into rather fiery debates.

Still, that is not the reason for this list. Whether you are a Ronaldo lover or a Messi lover, it doesn’t matter. All we ask is that you sit back and enjoy this list because even if you love him or if you hate him, you are going to love these memes of Cristiano Ronaldo we have separated for you. Because, how could you not love the Internet, a.k.a. the only place where a nobody who could barely juggle a soccer ball get to rail on a four-time Ballon d’Or winner?

So without any more waiting, get ready for some laughs because here are the top 15 Cristiano Ronaldo memes that are savage AF


15 That kid doesn't look too happy

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He might have never been married, but Cristiano Ronaldo has a kid, and that kid's life is not as easy as you might imagine. When we think about big-time athletes’ sons or daughters, we imagine kids who grew up with copious amounts of money and never really had to care for much in their life. But then again, all you need to do is look through Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram feed, and you might get an idea that his son is not so into the lifestyle his good old dad wants to impose on him. Sure, being able to go to school and tell your little friends that your dad is one of the best players who ever lived has to be one of the greatest feelings ever. But then when you come back home, that same dad you brag about to other people forces you to eat his “fit” food even though all you want to do is eat some candy.

14 The only game plan possible

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Like several mainstream players we have nowadays, Cristiano Ronaldo was born in a country that although they have some history in terms of international soccer, was never really a country that competed for much more than solid finishes in international competitions.

Being born in Portugal might’ve been the only curse that was cast on Ronaldo because it means that he probably won’t ever win a World Cup. Unlike his rival Messi, who already had a couple of shots at the world title, Ronaldo never seems to get too close to it, and that is not his fault. All you need to do is watch a few of his international matches and see how much his back might hurt from carrying that Portugal squad. So yeah, life is not all that easy for Cristiano. Hey, at least he's got a European Championship to his name now.


13 Gotta keep the hair fresh

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This might be one of the most common ways people make fun of the Portuguese striker. It is a trend with footballers today that they like to look good while they’re playing. Just take a look at Neymar’s Instagram. He changes hairstyles more often than people who do that for a living. Either way, nobody in soccer takes looking good as seriously as Cristiano Ronaldo. The man never tried to hide it. At some point, it seemed almost as like he wanted people to notice that every time he made a play or just that his face was up on the big screen in the stadium, that he would look at it and fix his hair. That enraged a lot of old-school soccer fans. Still, it is hard to argue when a guy is as efficient as Ronaldo. So let the man do his thing as long as he keeps scoring for Real Madrid and Portugal.

12 My back hurts

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We jabbed on the subject a little while ago, but it never hurts to remind people that this man carries his national team on his back.

Here is a little statistic for people who are not so familiar with the dominance and the massive difference between the level of Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates from the Portugal national team.

Ronaldo is the man with most appearances for Portugal all-time with 138, followed closely by the one who might’ve been the second-best player ever to come out of that country, Luis Figo with 127. But the real difference comes in goals scored. Ronaldo has scored 71 goals for his country. The next player on the list who is still active is Helder Postiga with 27 goals. So yes, one can safely say that Ronaldo’s back has to hurt from carrying Portugal.


11 Penaldo

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And here is another one of the repeated criticisms many people have made of Ronaldo throughout his career. To go along with his appearance, some say that he might get a little “soft” when he sees a chance of drawing a foul, or especially a penalty. He has scored a lot of goals on penalties, and that nobody can deny, not even the biggest Ronaldo lover in the world. And sure, early in his career, Ronaldo did have a certain tendency towards flopping as he got closer to the box, and for that, he certainly deserved a good deal of criticism.

But still, just go and check out some of his latest highlights and goal videos and you will see how much that tendency has diminished over the years. Just think about it, would a guy that thinks more about drawing fouls than scoring goals score over 500 goals in his career? Probably not.

10 Drafting Steve

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And here is the biggest disagreement among football fans all around the world. It has been almost a decade we have been living through this tug-of-war between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Every year, people spend months, semesters, the whole freaking year discussing who is going to win the award for best player in the world. And no matter who the third guy will be in any given year, everyone knows it will come down to these two. And every year, Ronaldo fans claim he deserves the award because of this and because of that, and on the other side, Messi fans claim he deserves the award because of this and because of that.

So, if we could spice up the decision, what better way to do it than having a legendary award show announcer like Steve Harvey to psych everyone in the audience and give the prize to somebody who didn’t deserve it just to take it away later?


9 Instagram vs life

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Oh, that statue. If you haven’t seen that picture before, we’re sorry. We did not wish on anybody the nightmares that will follow looking at that statue of Cristiano Ronaldo. First of all, it looks nothing like him. Whoever built this statue should be sued because he or she apparently didn't go to any kind of art school or had enough experience to be gifted the job of building a statue of such a celebrity.

Nevertheless, this meme hits close to home for a lot of people. Be honest with yourself, have you never encountered someone who looks like the person on the right on their Instagram, but in real life looks like that horrible statue? We’ve all been there, and if one lesson is to be learned here, it is never to trust a picture on the Internet, they can be rather receiving

8 United misses him

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Before he went to Madrid to the dazzle the whole world and create a dynasty, Cristiano Ronaldo was already dominating world football in a Manchester United kit. He was young, but he was already a beast.

Ronaldo played six seasons for Manchester United and scored over 100 goals for the English club. He was so dominant that as young as he was, he led the Red Devils to three Premier League titles and a Champions League title. So one can imagine the disappointment of United fans when they found out that their best player was leaving the club, even though he was leaving as the most expensive transfer of all time back then. Which makes it all the more annoying for United fans, as they spent years struggling after his departure and then this happened in 2016 where Ronaldo scored more goals in the season than the whole Manchester United team scored in the Premier League.


7 Money talks

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This may annoy a lot of readers. Athletes get paid a lot of money, great athletes get paid more money, and then there’s Cristiano Ronaldo. According to Forbes, Ronaldo earns $56 million a year from his salary alone. That should be enough to buy him a good fleet of Lamborghinis. Not only that, they estimate he gets around $32 million a year from endorsements, which put together amount to him being listed as the number one highest-paid athlete by Forbes. Basketball and football fans might feel a little bit mad about what follows, but the athlete right behind Ronaldo on the list was not Tom Brady or LeBron James, it was Lionel Messi. The Argentinian has a salary of $53.4 million a year to go along with earning $28 million a year from endorsements.

6 A man's game

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Again with the appearances, but this never ceases to be amusing. Back in the day, we used to have the image of a soccer player being like the hockey players of today. They were rough, rugged-looking bearded dudes who liked smashing heads or ankles in that case. Just read a little bit about the history of the sport and you'll see that, unlike many Americans might imagine, soccer wasn’t created by a bunch of soft British dudes who couldn’t play football or rugby.

At its roots, the game resembled a lot of rugby. Back in the day, there was no Tiki Taka or all that much passing for that matter. At its purest sense, the game was about dribbling, and if you research some old school newspaper articles from the beginnings of soccer, you will see that the game was pretty much 11 dudes on each side and whoever picked up the ball, literally tried to dribble or pound his way past anybody towards the opposing goal.


5 Boogers

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Yuck, if you don’t know why he made that face you are not a soccer fan. The man kindly offering Ronaldo his hand for a handshake is Germany’s national team manager Joachim Low. Low is without a doubt one of the great managers of our time, and he has a World Cup title to speak on his behalf. Still, while he might be a world-class coach, through the years fans and the media have picked up on a rather disgusting habit this German coach has outside of the four lines.

This man is notorious for picking boogers from his nose during games, and sometimes even eating them afterward. And that was not even the worst, at some point, Low was busted by a camera dipping a hand into his pants, scratching his private parts and then smelling it right on the bench. So no, we can’t blame Cristiano for not wanting to shake his hand.

4 Messi knows best

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This was a rather recent incident and one that will be imprinted in Messi fans’ minds through the rest of their lives. Seriously, even if you’re a diehard Ronaldo fan, you have to admit that that was a boss move. No, Barcelona certainly did not deserve to win this last El Classico, but when you have guys like Cristiano and Messi on the pitch, anything can happen. So when Messi scored on the final play of the game and went to the crowd, took off his shirt and showed it to the whole world, as if he was saying “yeah, I am the best.”

It didn’t go too well without the Madrid fans out there, and a barrage of memes were instantly uploaded on the web. But this meme up here takes the cake for literally turning Messi’s action into an 180. Of course, all he wanted to say was “yeah, I know Cristiano is the best.”


3 The statue strikes again

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Again, we are sorry for showing this statue, but it has gifted the world with so many memes that it is unthinkable not to put at least two of them on this list. And here is the perfect one. Admit it, when you first looked at this picture you thought it was the same original image from the Batman movie. Two-Face is a notorious Batman villain who has one-half of his face looking normal, and the other half looking like a disfigured nightmare straight out of one of Steven King’s worst novels.

The Batman movie portrayed Harvey Dent's face perfectly, who could make that half of the man’s face look worst? The answer is: the guy who made the Cristiano Ronaldo statue. Just look at that, it’s terrifying. Nobody should have to look at that, close your eyes while you can still sleep at night.

2 The 2016 stinger

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If holding up his shirt after scoring a match-winning goal was legendary for Messi, this was an epic moment for Cristiano. Winning the 2016 FIFA’s Men’s Player of the Year award was not enough for the Portuguese legend. No, Cristiano had to take a shot at Messi for not being at the award ceremony. So during his thank you speech for the award, he finished by saying that he was sorry some people from the Catalan team were not able to attend the ceremony when he clearly wasn’t sorry. Or maybe he was, considering some of his reactions when he was in attendance and Messi won the award, it's not tough to imagine Cristiano wanting to take a good look at the Argentinian’s face after he received the trophy.


1 The transformation

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And here is the cherry on top of the cake. You see, when people look at Cristiano Ronaldo today, they just imagine that he always looked that good. But the truth is a little far from that. In reality, Cristiano Ronaldo was one ugly dude when he started playing professional soccer. But then, money happened, and something changed. Actually, a few things changed, for certain his bank account changed, and then his attitude changed a little, but the biggest change of all were his looks. The man literally looks like a before and after picture from a dentist's commercial.

Money changed his looks so much that it makes us wonder if there really are ugly people in the world. If we are to take Cristiano Ronaldo’s transformation as an example, then no, there are no ugly people in the world, just rich people and poor people.


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