Top 15 Hottest Pictures Of Hope Solo You NEED To See

It saddens me how little attention the U.S. Female Soccer Team gets. They’ve bar none, had the better run of any, yes any, U.S sport, winning back to back gold medals in the Olympic games, 2008 and 2012.

There’s two major facets of soccer, every fan or non-fan should know: Time of Possession, and stance against goal. Essentially a game is controlled by time of possession, meaning a 1-0 game can in fact be a blow out, if said team controlled the clock throughout. The other, the stance against goal, is really contrived of a two-line defense, beginning with backs in front of the goalie and ultimately, the goalie him/herself. Without a legitimate goalie, you will not win gold medals.

The U.S. Female Team, has had one of the better goalies in all the world. Hope Solo. The sexy, brash, brave and bad ass goalie with arms like Stretch Armstrong. She alone has kept the U.S. team in multiple big games, dominating opposite scorers with her long stride, quick lateral dimension and intensity.

Like I said, though, Hope Solo is sexy. Very sexy. And she knows it. She’s never feared it nor regretted it. Using her beauty and her body to promote a global brand, push her to new heights financially.

Because of her beauty and her body-confidence, she’s been a tad demonized, both by media and by women. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read Facebook debates, aiming at belittling or legitimatizing her as a global icon. It’s as if she has it all, and the result is tremendous amounts of jealousy.

I, for one, am totally comfortable with her body-confidence. No, seriously. Quit chuckling. I embrace it. Every day. I’m Hope Solo’s biggest fan.

Here are 15 of her hottest most, sexiest photos. They’re numbered. But it’s impossible to really rank these.

15 ESPN Body Issue Cover Shot, 2011

via hdnux.com

This is a bad ass photo. It proves the intersection long ignored by American society, between both an athletic muscular female frame and sex. For too long, the American society has pushed a concept of skinny to point of skin-and-bones, as the central theme in a woman’s beauty. The results aren’t good, as nearly every woman I know battles some form of body dysmorphia, because she cannot and will not, ever, amount to the emaciated look of most runway models.

Hope Solo is a proud athlete. She’s equally intense. Explosive. Fiery. But she is also a sex icon, and as I said in the intro, unashamed of that.

This photo is gorgeous. Her body both a warrior’s and a woman drawing the attention of men’s fascination. Supple skin, ripped abdominals, and an intense look, though features feminine and firm. I can’t quit looking at her with awe.

14 Boxing Babe 

via pinterest.com


Solo’s so fierce and sexy, I’d stand there letting her whack me like a punching bag. Take it for the team. My body her toy swaying left/right as she squints and pushes her hands pungently into my flesh. I got lost there, sorry. Let me refocus. What I’m trying to say is I’d like Hope Solo to put her hands on me. Wait. Damn. Okay, try again. I’d like to wear Hope’s hands with my face. Hope is handing me some pain. I’m lost here.

Point is, I’ve never seen a female boxer finer than Hope Solo. Her steady glare set on disturbing the thing before her. Laying it down. Washboard abs rippling like guitar strings. Taking the win with real dominatrix. Or is it domination? Doesn’t matter. In my imagination, she’s dominating me with her hands.

Delete that.


13 Classing it Up 

via gotceleb.com

I love this photo. She’s a girl. A girl in every way in it. Her pleasurable smile lit with white teeth. Notice how the light in the room, brings out the golden streaks in her hair.

This picture is tender. It’s compassionate. And sexy. Not only because of Solo’s incredible good looks, but because of the juxtaposition between her tanned, butternut skin and the beautiful metallic dress.

On this day she's a good girl with a calm sensibility. It's nice to see on her. Hope is seen here attending the ESPYs where her team was receiving a best team award and it looks like she was there with the goal of winning that award with her teammates. It's great to see her looking like this, showing us she can flick a switch whenever she wants.

12 Eyes of the Gods 

via people.com

A shot with her gorgeously focused face staring toward the camera. Her piercing eyes able to filet the heart of any man. I swear I'd tell her all my secrets. One time, one time. That's all it'd take. Her mesmeric eyes glinting the magic of the Gods. I'd tell her anything.

That's when you know a woman is drop dead gorgeous. When she can pull truth out of you without whispering a word. Now imagine her making promises of pleasure as she stares at you like this.

You'd give her the keys to the car, the house, your debit card, and any other valuable. Her eyes have always been the feature about her that stands out, so we had to throw in at least one picture with them on full display.

11 Hope Solo Lost Her Pants Shot

via blogspot.com

It’s the infamous photo of Hope Solo pant-less with a top unbuttoned and her bust flooding out. She’s the classic American girl here. A girl you’d expect to see on the beach during the 4th of July. Is there any photo shoot more fitting than putting Hope Solo on a 4th of July shoot?

She’s known for her hair and her impeccable smile. And both are on display here, wonderfully. Arguably the prettiest of all her more model-style photos. Because she’s confident but calm, embodying a feminine presence, while maintaining her fit, and athletic physique.

It also proves her diversity as a dresser. Whether it be walking the boardwalk by a beach or hitting the town in tinsel wear, Hope can do it all. And some.

10 Dancing Queen 

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] via pinterest.com[/caption]

Soccer is a rough-and-tumble sport. It involves physical contact, and sweat and a whole lot of running around under duress. When you’re a goalie like Hope is, you must stay focused, firmly planted in your shoes, and aware. If not aware, goals upon goals are scored. And you’re left with the blame for a bad loss.

Thank God for photographers. Those wise people who try and get candid shots of athletes, are the saviors for Hope’s avid fanbase. As you know, unless you just don’t pay attention, Hope is well-endowed with shapely virtues. These tinsels not only show us the goods in a gloriously wonderful way, but the abs...are those real? And the focus on her face is flossy. There's no doubt she stole the show here.

9 Working out Heart Throb

via hdpics.com

Wowza. It’s that moment after a workout, when her beauty shines crystal with sweat. How she pulls this off is hard to fathom. Most people post-workout look like they’re battling a bad case of the runs, or a hangover.

I know, I know. The photo is staged. This is her all dolled up to sell a brand. That isn’t sweat, it’s water sprayed over her spiraling abs. But it’s so damn good it becomes believable. Or, unbelievable because how can someone pull this sort of thing off? Even staged, you couldn’t do it.

Hope keeps that ripped body by working out extremely hard. She’s known as one of the hardest working athletes in the world. Her workout regimen similar to Jerry Rice’s, who set the bar by running hills in the offseason.

8 Adorable at an Ice Cream Parlor

via pinterest.com

Give me a break. Get out of here. The brown boots trekking up the tight jeans. The smile, white teeth sparkling. Fitted shirt putting her goods on display. Is she not the girlfriend every guy imagined in High School?

What’s nice about this photo, is it shows and reminds Hope’s ravenous male fanbase, how girlie she is. I get why that might not make sense. I mean, aren’t we talking about how sexy she is? But I’ve long had conversations with friends about the difference between sexiness and girlie cuteness. Both are attractive in their own way. But one implies a romp in the sack, while the other a date someplace special, something romantic.

Because of Hope’s blistering good looks, her abnormally fit physique and athletic standing, many men forget the face that she’s a girl, a rather feminine girl; the type who wants to go get ice cream and talk about everyday things.

7 Green with Jealousy

via pinterest.com

The "assets" here are splendid. So, good, I’m sure Hope makes girls everywhere jealous. She’s in a loose-fitting soccer outfit – hair tied up, and she looks like that?

But don’t hate too long. As I said above, Hope is known for her hardcore workouts, the kinds nobody, not even star athletes, want to do. She’s earned every asset with hill sprints, stair climbs, squats on the beach and lunges.

Again, her mix between beauty and intense athleticism, is a balance unparalleled. Those biceps rippling under that green shirt, taut thighs, quads so strong and secure, she could bear the weight of a tree. While she represents the red, white and blue, Hope looks great in green and we wouldn't want her to change a thing about her uniform.

6 ESPY’s 2013

via thesuperficial.com

Hope Solo has won multiple ESPY awards. She’s a fan favorite and like I’ve said numerous times, respected as an athlete with a work hard mentality and effort. She gives it all on the field, highly admired by her teammates and coaches.

She’s, also, admired for her drop-dead beauty. In 2013, she arrived at the ESPY Awards in this little number with high heels. A tight, dual colored dress with drop shoulders. She must have dropped jaws. If an award was given out for athlete with an ability to make you lust and applaud at the same time, she certainly would have won it.

The darker shade makes her gorgeous ice blue eyes, pop. And that smile. It’s always about that damn perfect, smile.

5 Lurking In The Shadows

via pinterest.com

This one of those images that freezes in an adolescent boy’s mind forever. It’s framed. Frozen. He can close his eyes in math class and see this image scored, like inscription over silver.

At night, he lies alone thinking of Hope Solo. His mother has gone to bed. Brothers or sisters asleep. Dad on the porch smoking a Kool. When he closes his eyes.

In his dream, he’s kicking a ball with friends on a field under lights. It’s all dudes. Until Hope Solo stands there in the shadows, rearing to play. At first, they make a few jokes, until Hope dominates them – shutting them out: her team a winner in a blowout.

They all aren’t sure how to relate to her. So, she stands there in the shadows allowing her sweaty body to cool. It’s suddenly just him and her and the lights and the stars and she’s staring. Just staring. His direction. Silently. Her eyes asking for things, he’s dreamt of.

4 Boxing 2

via pinterest.com

This is all fascination. The dream of every man masquerading in a still life. Men think of these things. And here is uber hot, Hope Solo, floating like a goddess over calm ocean waters.

This is Hope Solo finding the perfect combination between being an athlete and being a beauty. She is owning it. Her wahsboard abs are on full display, her femininity shines through, yet she still has that intense look on her face. Though, to her praise, the picture still embodies her personality wonderfully, with her intense stance in front of a punching bag.

As many know, Solo has never feared being both brash and sexy. In fact, she’s been known to rough up a boyfriend or two, who cheats on her. There's no doubt that the girl’s intense, but damn…she’s earned it with photos like this.


3 Backside Glory

via pinterest.com

You know I couldn’t leave this article without this shot. Her infamous backside shot, a shot leaving men across the world wondering why or how or when this became a possibility.

It’s really, unfair. Most men have a false judgement of female athletes and it's completely ridiculous. This notion that they aren’t feminine enough. Hope Solo has been penultimate in changing that perception. Her bad ass demeanor on the field translating into gorgeous model looks off the field. I mean, come on. In this shot she looks more like a high fashion model. But give her some cleats, spandex shorts and a t-shirt, and she’s tearing it up as one of the better blockers in the sport.

Hope has all the assets she needs.

2 Just Feel Like Confusing Some of These Drivers with My Cuteness Shot

via blick.ch

Every man I know, loves a girl in boots and jean shorts. So, to make every man go wild at a local drag race, Hope walked the track in that sort of outfit. She is a gazelle. No, more like a peacock. Brown skin under jean shorts with those boots. Can you imagine how the drivers must have felt? I can imagine, very angry. Like real anger. Here they are gearing up for an intense sport, one that can easily end in tragedy or injury, or near-death, and Hope arrives. Except she isn’t hopeful. She’s a tease. All adorable and girl next door. Making them think things a man shouldn’t, before pushing pedal to the medal at outlandish speeds.

But look…she doesn’t owe them anything. The girl has got it. And she knows it. And so maybe this more like an act of encouragement. “Go get ‘em boys,” as she walks back to the stands, leaving their jaws unlocked.

1 First Pitch

via zimbio.com

I know, I know…I’m dumbing this list down with this shot. But it’s worth posting. Why? Because I love baseball, the greatest game ever invented. And so, does Hope. And I got to tell you: A girl in a baseball jersey is sizzling. The loose fit leaves much to the imagination. And makes said girl, look and feel, human. Every day. Cute in an everyday way. I also love the city of Chicago. So, this shot mixes both in a wonderful way. Why? Because she’s also sexy. Sexy girl + Baseball jersey + City of Chicago = Electric. Nothing would be quite better. Which I’ve had the lucky experience of doing. As my wife is hot and we’ve been to Chicago and yes, she’s worn baseball jerseys. Luke for the WIN.

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