Top 15 Hottest Players of the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup

The 2015 Women's World Cup has rosters full of many athletic women with plenty of determination and grit, but there is also an underlying beauty and elegance to their game. They can still have plenty of looks of consternation and frustration on their faces as their well-toned slender bodies move up and down the pitch, but when the whistle blows there is no denying many of their exceedingly good looks. Off the field of play, there are many players who are quite simply hot, having what it takes to make a bold statement in front of a camera.

Since soccer is such a demanding sport, the vast majority of these women are in incredible shape, with very little body fat and legs that make the eyes pop. Their faces and skin are well bronzed by spending so much time in the sun, which also acts to put natural highlights in many of their locks of hair. There are many beautiful women from all over the world in the 2015 Women's World Cup. From the youthfully cute Maria Coto of Costa Rica, to the exotic beauty of Sweden's Kasovare Asllani, there are plenty of women who have been attracting their share of attention in their parts of the world. The World Cup will not only highlight many of the skills of these women of sport, but will also draw attention from sponsors and advertisers who are looking for that next pretty face to help sell their products around the globe.

The following list of 15 Hot Women's World Cup players is just a sample of beautiful players who are ready to sizzle in front of the camera. Some of them are legitimate stars on the field of play who happen to have good looks, while others might be able to elevate the coverage of their sport more by promoting their beauty. Whatever the case, these following players are not only good athletes but also have exotic looks that just so happen to make them hot.

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15 Stephanie Catley - Australia

via thewomensgame.com

Stephanie Catley is an Australian defender who plays professionally for the Portland Thorns FC in the United States. She is only 21 years old, yet started playing for the Australian National U-17 team in 2008. She has only scored one goal in international competition but her professional play in Australia for the Melbourne Victory in 2011-12 was impressive enough to earn her the honor of Female Footballer of the Year. She is tall and athletic and uses her long lean frame to get to stray balls and get in the way when the play gets too close to the goal. When she steps in front of a camera with her hair held high, she certainly knows how to highlight her features.

14 Hope Solo (USA)

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Hope Solo might not have the beautiful smile or drop dead gorgeous looks of a supermodel, but she does have a presence and confidence that matches her play on the pitch. Solo is one of the world's top goalies, winning the Golden Glove Award being recognized as the top goalkeeper in the 2011 World Cup. Solo has also helped the U.S. National Team capture gold medals in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. She has already been spectacular in 2015, allowing only one goal in the U.S.'s first two matches. Off the pitch, Solo has posed for various magazines, includingESPN The Magazine Body Issue and has also shown some moves on the dance floor by appearing on Dancing with The Stars. She's seen no shortage of headlines this year, with domestic violence charges thrown against her by her half-sister and 17-year-old nephew.

13 Anouk Hoogendijk (Netherlands)

Anouk Hoogendijk was famous from a pretty early age, participating as a contestant on the Dutch show Geef Nooit Op (Never Give Up). She eventually accomplished her dream of playing soccer by signing with Bristol Academy in 2011. After stint with Arsenal Ladies, she joined Ajax Vrouwen in her home country. She made her debut with the Netherlands national team in 2004 at the age of 19. She has 102 caps and 19 goals for the national team.

12 Louisa Necib (France)

via youtube.com

Louisa Necib is a gifted central attacking midfielder whose skills have often been compared to her male French counterpart, Zidane.  She has been playing professionally for her French club team Olympique Lyon since 2007 and has scored 57 goals in 154 appearances. Many consider her game to be elegant, with excellent passing skills and the ability to put the perfect touch on her passes as well as her shots. Her nicely bronzed skin and round brown eyes make her a perfect subject for any photographer. She is an integral part of France's attack with her ability to strike the ball, but her good looks and confident gaze make her a hot target for any lucky photographer.

11 Julie Johnston (USA)

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Julie Johnson is a defender who was good enough to win a Bronze Ball award while playing for the United States U-20 Women's World Cup team. The Phoenix, Arizona native has a body that adapts well to the sun and makes a perfect match for her long blonde hair. Johnson currently plays professionally for the Chicago Red Stars and was a captain for the U.S. U-20 World Cup winning team. She is 5-foot-7, long as well as she is lean, making her perfectly capable of striking a pose off the field of play. She is relatively new to the senior U.S. National team, but it will only be a matter of time before she gets more attention.

10 Selenia Iacchelli (Canada)

via canadasoccer.com

The exotic looking Italian Canadian midfielder represented Canada in the 2004 FIFA U-19 World Championship and 2006 FIFA U-20 World Championship, but didn't make her senior Canadian team debut until she was 27 years old in 2013. She has had her problems staying healthy and consequently she hasn't received as much attention she deserves from the cameras and press. Iacchelli was a surprise pick for the 2015 Canadian National Team, and she is doing her best to make the most of the long awaited opportunity she has. She might not score a goal, but she will certainly add even more beauty to an already loaded Canadian team.

9 Amandine Henry (France)

via LeProgres.com

Amandine Chantal Henry has blonde hair and blue eyes with a look of determination that says a lot about the way that she plays. The defensive midfielder is no stranger to international competition, getting her start with the French U-17 team in 2004-05. She currently plays professionally for Club Olympique Lyon in France and had a 12 goal season in 32 appearances for the club during the 2012-13 season. She has been the subject of many photographs throughout France and has a cheeky smile that will forever make her look cute if not hot. Make no mistake about it, Henry is a competitor on the pitch but her grin and beautiful blonde hair can keep eyes on her when off the pitch as well.

8 Adriana Leon (Canada)

via canadasoccer.com

Adriana Leon is a young 22-year-old Canadian who plays in the midfield for the national team. She is an attacking midfielder who plays with grit and passion, earning her a professional position on the Chicago Red Stars. Leon has scored 10 goals in 41 appearances for the senior and junior Canadian National teams. At 5-foot-3, she still manages to make her presence known, whether it is in front of a camera or on the attack in the midfield. She is petite, yet powerful, and has already been the focus of many photographers in search of beauty on the pitch. Her distinctive flowing blonde hair and bronzed skin make her sought out by photographers and sponsors of the game. Whether gracing a cover for EA Sports FIFA 16 or posing for amateur photos off the pitch, she is a very photogenic player.

7 Julia Simic (Germany)

via dfb.de

Julia Simic is a petite midfielder who has played for Germany since she started out with the Germany U-15 team in 2004. She might be a fierce competitor on the pitch, but her beautiful smile, pretty face and complexion that can easily accept the sun are reminiscent of the girl next door in a California surf town. Simic has played professionally since 2005, making 105 appearances for FC Bayern Munich from 2005-2013 while scoring 34 goals. Her short blonde hair coupled with her petite yet fit stature only adds to her allure for photographers. She has a look that is so sweet that it makes it hard to imagine how her photo shoot for German Playboy must have looked. Apparently, the attractive midfielder of German and Croatian descent is no stranger to attention.

6 Kasovare Asllani (Sweden)

via psg.fr

Kasovare Asllani is a Swedish forward who plays professionally for Paris Saint-Germain in France. She gets her exotic good looks from her Kosovar-Albanian roots, but her play on the pitch is inspired by her great speed and ability to strike when she gets a clear shot. She grew up in Sweden playing both soccer and hockey, eventually concentrating on soccer, having played professionally since 2007. As a member of the Swedish National team, she has scored 22 goals in 77 appearances since 2008. Asllani has been featured on a French television documentary series, The Other Sport, appearing in it since 2013. She certainly has the ability to go along with exotic good looks that can capture the attention of more photographers, especially if Sweden can make it past the first round.

5 Nayeli Rangel (Mexico)

via sillontecnico.com

Nayeli Rangel is a 23-year-old midfielder who plays for the Mexico National team. She is the beautiful young face of the improving Mexican women's team. In 2013, Rangel started playing professionally in the United States for the Sky Blue FC of the NWSL. She started competing for Mexico in 2011, when she played in three games during the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup. She might be fairly new to the pitch, but she has already proven she can do quite well in front of a camera. At 5-foot-7 tall, she has nice height and a lean athletic frame, giving her long toned legs that match up well with her beautiful long dark hair. She is young and might lack the experience necessary to help the Mexican National team, but she is beautiful enough to gain some attention for the women's team in a country that loves the male dominated sport.

4 Sydney Leroux (USA)

via pinterest.com

Sydney Leroux is a Canadian born striker who now plays professionally in the United States and also plays for the U.S. World Cup team. She grew up in a family where her mom played softball and her dad played baseball, but Leroux knew at an early age that she wanted to play soccer for the U.S. National team. She went as far as moving away from home to attend high school in the U.S., achieving her goal by starting out with the U.S. U-20 team in 2008. She has since scored 59 goals for the U.S. and has received plenty of attention with her exploits on the pitch. She has also appeared in several ads and photo shoots, including Body Armor, Nestle Nesquik and Beats by Dre spots to name a few. She has a beautiful body that was highlighted in ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue in 2013.

3 Kaylyn Kyle (Canada)

via zemfs.com

Kaylyn Kyle looks like a model who just so happens to play soccer. The Canadian midfielder has played for the Canadian National team since she first appeared in seven games with the Canadian U-17 team in 2004. She currently plays professionally for the Portland Thorns FC, while also being a member of the senior Canadian National team. Kyle was on the 2012 Canadian Olympic team that took the bronze medal after beating France 1-0. She has long locks of blonde hair and a slender athletic frame, with a demure inviting look that is easily captured with a lens. She can be downright gorgeous in a swimsuit, dress or evening gown as several of her photos found on numerous internet websites can attest.

2 Alex Morgan (USA)

via espn.com

Alex Morgan might be seeing limited action so far in the 2015 World Cup, due to a knee injury, but that doesn't mean eyes aren't on her. Morgan is not only hot, but she is also a major part of the team USA attack. She has scored 51 goals in 85 international appearances for the United States team. The forward/striker plays professionally for the Portland Thorns FC, where she has 14 goals in 33 appearances. In 2012, Morgan scored 28 goals and had 21 assists, to become the only American woman besides Mia Hamm to have at least 20 goals and 20 assists in the same year. Also an accomplished writer, Morgan has produced four children's novels in a series titled, The Kicks. The talented striker also happens to be a natural beauty with a beautiful smile and that helps lights up her pretty face to go along with a perfect well-toned athletic body.

1 Lauren Sesselmann (Canada)

via newknd.com

The sultry exotic beauty, Lauren Sesselmann of the Canadian National team takes the honor of being at the top of the list. She might not have the heartfelt smile of Alex Morgan or the body of Sydney Leroux, but she knows how to strike a pose in front of a camera. Sesselmann, a defender and forward, has appeared in 40 games since 2011 for the Canadian National team. She was born and raised in Wisconsin and also attended Purdue University, but gained Canadian citizenship through her father in 2010 in order to play internationally for the Canadian team. Whether playing for Canada or in the United States, there is no doubting her ability to attract attention. In front of a camera, the beautiful Lauren Sesselmann has all the right moves and a sexy sultry look that is undeniably hot.

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