Top 15 Hottest WAGs Of Premier League Footballers

The wives and girlfriends of footballers in the UK – well, WAGs of footballers in general – have a reputation of being a bit thick. The stereotype of a PL WAG is of being tacky to the max; being a bit

The wives and girlfriends of footballers in the UK – well, WAGs of footballers in general – have a reputation of being a bit thick. The stereotype of a PL WAG is of being tacky to the max; being a bit of an airhead, a beauty who’s all looks with nothing going on upstairs. With money to burn and no need to carve out careers for themselves, they spend millions on making themselves look good and on splurging on the finest things in life. PL WAGs get a bad rap – not much of what’s said about them is positive. But one thing that keeps them in the limelight – aside from the fact that they’re married to multimillionaires, is the fact that they look good.

Granted, they spend a ton of money on doing so, but a lot of guys would agree that it’s money well spent. A lot of PL WAGs are known for being hot; a lot of them are celebs in their own right – fashionistas renowned for their style, models or TV personalities. The papers just love keeping up with the latest PL WAGs, their antics, and the paparazzi never tire of snapping their pics as they strut their stuff in some of the country’s most exclusive locations.

These are 15 of the hottest WAGs of current PL footballers – WAGs that send social media into meltdown with their selfies, WAGs known in the UK – some throughout the world – for their sizzling hotness.

15 Helena Seger - Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Ibra’s been in red-hot form this season for Man United. A lot of people were doubting his ability to make it work in the fast-paced environment in the PL – especially since he’s now in his mid-30s, but he’s proven why he’s still one of the top strikers in the world. When he made the move to the PL at the start of the season, he brought his red-hot long-term partner with him to Manchester too. Helena Seger, the stunning blonde who’s been on Ibrah’s arm for the last 14 years, is 10 years older than Ibra, and like her squeeze, loves to stay in the limelight. She’s not only known for being a beautiful WAG, she’s successful in her own right. Yes she’s done the usual stuff WAGs do; she’s a model, has dabbled in a bit of acting, but she’s also very driven and a high-flyer in the world of business. Zlatan isn’t the only one in the family who’s used to raking in the money. She’s perfectly suited to Zlatan too; if anyone can put up with his antics, it’s Seger.

Helena’s got the whole package – she’s stunningly beautiful and is an intelligent business woman too. Since Zlatan’s move to United, she’s now taken over from Coleen Rooney as the top WAG at Old Trafford, although of course that’s open to individual preferences.

The duo may not be married, but they have two kids together, are inseparable and are certainly wholly committed to each other.

14 Georgina Dorsett - Tom Cleverley


Wife of Everton midfielder and England international, Tom Cleverley, Georgina Dorsett is a recent WAG who delights the English media with her daringness to bare attitude when it comes to strutting her stuff out in public.

Georgina’s renowned for being a former reality star in the TV series, Towie – The Only Way is Essex, a British reality show that follows the lives a group of promiscuous Essex locals – essentially the same premise as the Jersey Shore TV series which gained a huge amount of popularity in the U.S. Georgina and Cleverley began dating in 2012 after being introduced to each other by a mutual friend. A matter of months after they first began dating, Georgina fell pregnant. They became engaged a couple of years later and tied the knot a year later.

It doesn’t take a genius to see why Cleverley was attracted to Georgina – most guys would be. Being an ex-Towie star, plenty of modelling work has come her way; she’s regularly snapped showing off her sexy figure in very little clothing – it’s safe to say that Cleverley’s done well for himself.

13 Yolanda Cardona - Victor Valdés


Victor Valdés’ fall from grace has been fast and dramatic. A few years back he was considered to be one of the top goalkeepers in the world; many have said that he should have been a permanent fixture for Spain between the sticks, but politics kept Iker Casillas as number one choice. He was however a permanent fixture at Barcelona, but when he decided to part ways with the Catalan giants in 2014, his career took a nose dive. Nothing came of his stint at Man United, although he’s now comfortable and doing well with Middlesbrough. Once thing that has been a permanent fixture in his life during these tough times is his relationship with Yolanda Cardona. His stunning long-term partner, Yolanda Cardona, would’ve lit up a room even on the darkest of his footballing days. Cardona grew up in a tiny Colombian town and has now blossomed onto the world stage as a sizzling super model. She got involved with Valdés after a mutual friend introduced them to each other and they’ve been together ever since, adding three kids to their family. They clearly love each other dearly; part of Valdés’ reason for leaving Barca – the club he’d been with for 12 years – was that his mom and Cardona had some beef with each other that couldn’t be sorted out.

For those who didn’t know of Cardona when Valdés came to the PL, her racy photoshoot earlier this year would’ve certainly made people sit up and take notice. She posed totally nude for a Colombian magazine, and loved the pics so much, she shared them with all her adoring fans on her Instagram page, sending social media into meltdown; she’s certainly not the shy type.

Despite being together and calling each other partners for absolutely ages, they’re not actually married; if you like her you should put a ring on it Valdés.

12 Edurne Garcia - David de Gea


Behind every successful man there stands a woman, and in David de Gea’s case, that woman is long-term beau, Edurne Garcia. Edurne may be known in the UK solely for being de Gea’s partner, but she’d carved out a successful career for herself in her native Spain long before de Gea came onto the scene.

In 2006 at the age of 21 Edurne embarked on a music career and released her first studio album. After that she just kept rolling out the albums and the music - and awards - just kept on coming; she’s also become somewhat of a famous TV personality over recent years too. But in England she’s renowned for being de Gea’s rock – she’s been by his side for his entire PL career. The British press also love her; she’s not afraid to speak her mind, immerses herself in the English way of life, is a highly intelligent woman, and of course, is super sexy – Manchester seems to be inundated with sizzling hot PL WAGs at the moment.

11 Erin Borini - Fabio Borini


Current Sunderland forward, Fabio Borini, hasn’t had the greatest of times during the course of his PL career. But he’s a versatile player with more than a decent technique, and at the moment, Sunderland’s giving him the opportunities he’s been longing for – he seems to have found his home in the North East. Someone who’s been with him during the majority of his second stint in English football, is Erin. The two met while Fabio was enjoying a mediocre time at Liverpool – Erin certainly brought a little bit of sunshine into his life.

Erin – formerly Erin O’Neil – was earning her corn as a fashion model in Liverpool. Fabio has said that she stole his heart during their first date, and it’s easy to see why. He knew she was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and a couple of years after they first met, Erin O’Neil became Erin Borini.

10 Ludivine Kadri Sagna - Bacary Sagna


Bac’s stunning wife has been turning heads during his time in the PL. Ludivine is the only reason people are interested in Bac at the moment, as he seems to have been forgotten about. He's fallen by the wayside now that Guardiola has taken over at Man City.

Ludvine’s very active on social media and loves nothing more than taking snaps of herself and her family, documenting her day-to-day activities on Instagram. That’s why the tabloids love her; she’s very accessible and of course, extremely hot. She’s absolutely stunning – those who saw the pics of her sunning herself on the beaches at Euro 2016 will testify to that.

When people first came to know of their relationship and subsequent marriage, a lot were scratching their heads. That’s because a lot of people feel that Bac’s punching above his weight; he’s been voted as one of the ugliest footballers in the world in numerous polls, so the fact he’s hitched to one of the hottest women around has left many perplexed.

9 Abbey Clancy - Peter Crouch


Here’s another model WAG, but unlike a lot of others, she’s not a WAG come model. Abbey Clancy’s a prominent name in the modelling industry and has been for a long time – way before she got hitched to Stoke’s Peter Crouch.

Abbey’s modelling career started out in 2006 when she was aged 20. She was a finalist in the TV show, Britain's Next Top Model, and consequently won a modelling contract. The show gave her plenty of exposure and she began to appear regularly in newspapers and magazines. Abbey also had a good head on her shoulders and as her modelling career progressed, she began getting TV gigs as a presenter while continuing modelling lingerie and walking the catwalk. She met Crouch while the striker was playing for Liverpool and they’ve been together ever since.

Abbey’s been included numerous times in FHM magazine's annual 100 sexiest women in the world, so it’s no surprise she features on this list.

8 Annie Kilner - Kyle Walker


Tottenham and England right-back, Kyle Walker’s model girlfriend – yes, another model – is rocking the PL and the style pages of the tabloids with her fashion sense and red-hot physique. She’s a young WAG at 23, but has already gained fame as one of the hottest PL WAGs around. She’s an undisputed knockout and like most WAGs, isn’t shy about showing off her svelte yet curvaceous figure. Annie’s also had Walker’s baby, and within a matter of months of giving birth, she was back to looking her best; toned and tanned, the brunette bombshell was back posing in skimpy lingerie and gracing the front covers of magazines.

Walker’s bagged himself a real beauty and if he’s got any sense, would be looking to make her a permanent member of his family. They’ve already got a kid together, so marriage will probably be the next thing on the cards.

7 Sam Cooke - Chris Smalling


Stunning WAG Sam Cooke is a real head-turner…and page-turner too. If you haven’t seen Cooke before, take a look at some of her pics – which have to be seen to be believed – and you’ll soon run out of superlatives to describe the blonde bombshell; even this description probably won’t be doing her justice.

Chris Smalling’s done well on the pitch and is a defensive stalwart for Man United and England, but many would say he’s done even better off it. He’s bagged himself a Page 3 girl – a term used to describe those who model topless in renowned UK tabloids – and earlier this year, he popped the question. Sam accepted and they’re now engaged. Respect to Smalling for getting with a stunner like Sam; the only downside to the news – for a lot of guys anyway – is that her modelling might take a backseat. Guys may have to deal with not seeing Sam grace the pages of their lads’ mags for a while.

6 Leonita Lekaj - Granit Xhaka


Xhaka’s a recent addition to the PL. After impressing in the Euros, Xhaka was snapped up by Arsenal, although hasn’t yet found his feet in the PL – is still settling into life in North London.

When Xhaka moved to the English capital, so did his fiancée, Leonita Lekaj. They got engaged in 2015, and when Xhaka’s not on Arsenal duty, the duo seem to be inseparable – they’re yet another couple that document their lives on social media. But who can blame Xhaka for wanting to spend all his spare time with Leonita? The Albanian beauty has stolen the limelight since she moved to London and regularly sends fans and social media followers wild with super sexy and fun snaps. The thing with Leonita is that she remains natural in her snaps; she’s not one of these WAGs that gets dolled up for a simple pic – she loves feeding her thousands of followers super cute pictures and they love her for it.

5 Ornella Montagna - Steven Defour


Burnley midfielder and Belgium international Steven Defour might not be the most well-known player in the PL. He was bought in the summer to help sure-up Burnley’s midfield with the aim of helping them avoid relegation from the top flight. He’s a solid player without being spectacular; talking of spectacular, his girlfriend certainly is just that. She’s 24, is – yes, you guessed it – a model – and is one of the hottest WAGs around.

Defour’s got a history of dating super-hot women. He’s been with a few - Laura Tropea being another one of his conquests – but hasn’t managed find one for keeps. He’s currently engaged to Montagna and they have a kid together; perhaps she’ll be a calming influence and will manage to tame Steven Defour who’s gained a reputation as being a bit of a hothead.

4 Ashleigh Defty - Danny Simpson


Leicester City right-back Danny Simpson, is known as a bit of a bad boy in footballing circles. He’s got into numerous problems with the law – he just can’t stay on the straight and narrow and has actually done some pretty abhorrent things, which has included not treating women all too well. Ashleigh knew what she was getting into when the two began dating in the summer of this year. Despite being warned against going there with Simpson, they’re now an item and she trusts him wholeheartedly. They’ve actually been friends for a long time, so there is an element of trust there.

Ashleigh’s a famous face in the UK. She made a name for herself when she appeared on the TV show, Ex On The Beach, and has since appeared on the pages of numerous magazines and tabloids. It’s not a mystery as to why the reality star’s face – and body - is loved by the media. She has a curvaceous yet athletic physique, is a fitness fanatic, and is heavily into fashion and beauty. She's a typical WAG and an amazingly beautiful one at that.

3 Alexandra Ivarsdottir - Gylfi Sigurdsson


The world came to know a lot of the wives and girlfriends of Europe’s football stars during the recent Euro Championships. It was a hobby of the press and the paparazzi to snap these stunning beauties cheering on their men in France. It was at the Euros that a lot of people came to know that Alexandra and Gylfi were dating, and she and the other Icelandic WAGs had plenty to shout about as they cheered their fellas all the way to the quarter-finals.

Alexandra’s a stunner; she’s so stunning she actually won the Miss Iceland 2008 beauty pageant and has also placed well at Miss World competitions. She’s currently a glamour model and is seen regularly modelling all sorts of sexy attire which she posts on her social media pages to the delight of her fans.

Currently playing for Swansea, it must be nice for Gylfi to wake up to Alexandra on those cold, grey, dreary Welsh mornings; then again, they are used to it coming from Iceland.

2 Marine Lloris - Hugo Lloris


We’ve mentioned a few goalkeepers on this list. They have a reputation for being a bit scatty, but this obviously doesn’t act as a deterrent to the women they date who are among the hottest WAGs in the PL.

Tottenham and French international keeper, Hugo Lloris is regarded to be one of the best keepers in the world. He’s got a tremendous amount of talent, fast reflexes and possesses great decision making, but perhaps one of the reasons he’s been so consistent throughout his career is because he’s had a very stable personal life. Marine, Hugo’s lovely wife, can be thanked for that. They were high school sweethearts and have been together pretty much since Hugo started his life in pro football. They tied the knot in 2012, have two daughters and are very happily married.

Marine’s stunningly beautiful but she’s not your typical WAG. She’s a highly-educated woman with degrees in law and human resources, she owns a kiddies clothing company, and is very successful; Hugo isn’t the only one in the family raking in the cash. She also does the usual things WAGs do; she loves to shop, is a style icon, and is regularly seen with her family and the other French WAGs at matches cheering on her hubby from the stands. Marine’s the whole package – she possesses brains as well as beauty; Hugo’s a very lucky man.

1 Ana Ivanovic - Bastian Schweinsteiger


If you love your sport, chances are you know or have at least heard of Ana Ivanovic. She’s a former world number one tennis player, but forget about her tennis abilities for a sec. She’s an absolute stunner, and today is renowned for being one of the hottest tennis players around, even though she’s incredibly inconsistent. Modelling companies love her; she’s represented numerous brands and has appeared on the covers of a ton of world-renowned magazines, including FHM and Grazia. A certain Mr. Trump loves her too, stating: "She is the most beautiful woman I have seen in my life. Simply the most beautiful." Considering the number of women he’s been with, that’s saying something; stay vigilant and keep your wits about you Bastian.

The Serbian star married Schweinsteiger in the summer of this year in a star-studded ceremony at Venice’s City Hall. PL fans are glad; although we’re not seeing that much of Bastian on the pitch this season, his involvement in the PL means Ana’s constantly flitting in and out of the country – she’s the paparazzi’s dream woman for obvious reasons.

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