Top 15 Hottest Women That Cristiano Ronaldo Has Hooked Up With

Even someone who knows absolutely nothing about soccer probably knows who Cristiano Ronaldo is. He’s an absolute legend, having racked up countless accolades from the very beginning of his career, and, at 30, he’s still going strong. Aside from perhaps David Beckham, he’s one of the most recognizable names in the world of professional sports. Part of it is due to his skills on the field, of course, but part of it is due to his good looks and playboy attitude. Simply put, the media loves him. While soccer superstar Beckham locked himself down at an early age with wife Victoria, Cristiano Ronaldo has been playing the field for years – with a series of girlfriends who seem to get hotter and hotter as the years go on. I mean, he could take his little black book to a modelling agency and they’d be happy to sign every single one of his exes.

It doesn’t really need to be said – of course professional athletes generally don’t exactly have trouble finding women who want to date them. However, Ronaldo takes it to a whole new level. He’s dated women who could be (or, frequently, are) supermodels from countries around the world. Whether they were somewhat longer-term relationships, or short flings, the list of beautiful women that Ronaldo has had on his arm is pretty incredible.

Is it his athletic ability? Is it his good looks? Is it some Portuguese sweet talking that he learnt as a youth? Whatever it is, women flock to Ronaldo – and he’s loving every minute of it. One thing’s for sure – it’s going to take a hell of a woman to get this guy to settle down.

Here are 15 of the hottest women that Cristiano Ronaldo has been with. Guys, try not to get too jealous. We know. Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

15 Diana Chavez

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In 2006, Ronaldo had a brief fling with hottie Diana Chavez. She’s an actress – however, you may not recognize her name, as she isn’t exactly on the A-List. Diana’s credits include roles like “Hot Girl at ATM” on popular crime drama CSI: Miami and simply “woman” in The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada. She hasn’t exactly been in the public eye much lately, and for all we know, she may have found a nice, normal guy to settle down with. Regardless, we bet she never tires of telling about the time when she was a young, hot actress and she caught the eye of Ronaldo.

14 Luciana Abreu

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Given his insane good looks, it probably comes as no surprise that Ronaldo’s dating history could be turned into a novel. His romantic past is populated with quick flings about whom the public doesn’t really know much – and Abreu is no different. The beauty was a contestant on one season of Portuguese Pop Idol, and was rumored to be dating the Portuguese soccer star in 2007. She watched a few of his practices, likely shared a bit of private time with him, and the two eventually parted ways. Hey, the guy is constantly travelling for his career – maybe he just wanted a little taste of home.

13 Karina Bacchi

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An Italian-Brazilian actress who posed for Playboy? Seems right up Ronaldo’s alley. The soccer star dated Bacchi in 2007 and apparently things were so red hot that he made a rare double-back to spend a little time with her once more in 2009. Bacchi may not be a household name in North America, but in Brazil, she’s been on countless reality television shows, as well as in several Spanish language television series. Lately, this blonde bombshell has been keeping busy in a hosting gig on Brazilian television. She seems to have only gotten hotter since dating Ronaldo in her younger years.

12 Maria Sharapova

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It’s no secret that professional athletes often gravitate towards fellow professional athletes, so when rumors began swirling about Cristiano Ronaldo and tennis superstar Maria Sharapova, everyone had no trouble believing it to be true. This pairing is contentious, as neither have confirmed it, and both are media savvy enough to avoid the paparazzi when they need to thanks to their respective fame. So, was Sharapova one of Ronaldo’s stable of supermodel-worthy women in 2006? It’s very possible – tall, slim, and gorgeous is just the type he seems to go for! We just hope he never challenged her to a tennis game – that would be embarrassing for him.

11 Nereida Gallardo

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When you’re Cristiano Ronaldo and you walk into the club, safe to say, you can pretty much take your pick of the women there. After all, who doesn’t want to brag that they had shots and perhaps a few sweaty kisses with Ronaldo? Spanish model Nereida Gallardo first met the soccer star in a club and Ronaldo was apparently so into his red hot girlfriend that he didn’t even try to keep their PDA on the down low. Ronaldo (perhaps due to the sheer amount of women he dated over the course of his bachelor years) is generally pretty quiet about his conquests, so Gallardo must have had something special to make him throw all caution to the wind.

10 Bipasha Basu

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Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, British… Ronaldo has dated women of all nationalities, so it only seems fitting that he’d want to sample something from the exotic nation of India. In 2007, Ronaldo was caught making out with drop dead gorgeous Bollywood film star Bipasha Basu. Sure, her fans may not have approved of her choice of partner, but it might not be for the reason you’d think. It’s not that he was a player – it’s that Bipasha was already in a relationship with John Abraham, another Bollywood actor. Apparently, the two were one of Bollywood’s biggest couples, and fans didn’t really like Ronaldo macking on Abraham’s girl. Although, honestly – he probably didn’t care.

9 Gemma Atkinson

Most men see lingerie models and think “I’d never be able to snag a girl like that.” Ronaldo? He sees a lingerie model and thinks – yep, that’s mine. Gemma Atkinson caught the soccer star’s eye and the British actress and lingerie model wasn’t content to keep anything quiet. She was determined to tell everyone she could about her hook-up and off she went blabbing to the press about her fantastic relationship with the pro athlete. Ronaldo doesn’t do that – he responded by telling the press it was just a casual thing. Ouch. If Ronaldo picks you out of a crowd, maybe just keep things on the down low. I mean, she had to know that she was one of many, many women, right?

8 Luana Belletti

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It’s pretty much an unspoken rule in the world of male friendship – you don’t touch a friend’s little sister. The rule should extend to the professional sports world, but apparently when it comes to opponents, all bets are off. In 2009, Ronaldo snagged Luana Belletti, the little sister of fellow footballer Juliano Belletti. He was captured by the paparazzi kissing Luana and just generally appearing to have a great time. What ever happened to good old on-field taunting? We know you want to win, Ronaldo, but that’s maybe taking it a bit too far.

7 Gabriela Endringer

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While all of Ronaldo’s exes are in phenomenal shape, there are probably few who look to be as physically fit as Ronaldo himself – that is, besides Gabriela Endringer. Endringer was, of course, an FHM cover girl, but she also worked as a fitness instructor. Her physique is absolutely rock solid and one can only imagine what kind of sexual exploits those two could get into. Ronaldo, ever the man to maintain his privacy, split with Endringer when pictures of the two of them surfaced. Who knows why Ronaldo seems to averse to having his flings stay out of the public eye – cultivating a persona of mystery, perhaps?

6 Imogen Thomas

Ronaldo’s dating track list isn’t limited to beautiful women from South American nations – given the popularity of soccer in the U.K., it likely comes as no surprise that he’s added several British babes to his list. According to a Portuguese tabloid, Ronaldo spent a little quality time with Imogen Thomas, a reality television star who appeared on Big Brother and who was a former Miss Wales. You might hesitate to believe the tabloids until you take a look at Thomas’ dating track record – let’s just say she likes her footballers.

5 Letizia Filippi

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Remember Nereida Gallardo, the stunning Spanish model that Ronaldo was dating back in 2008? Well, apparently one model just wasn’t enough for the bachelor in his prime years – he allegedly scooped up Letizia Filippi, an Italian model, while he was still involved with Gallardo. Hey, when you’re as good looking as Ronaldo and have a seemingly revolving door of gorgeous supermodels, there’s bound to be a little drama every now and then. Frankly, we’re shocked he hasn’t been caught doubling up more often. Who knows, perhaps it was a common occurrence and Filippi was the only time he got caught.

4 Andressa Urach

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And the scandals just keep coming! Ronaldo’s most publicized and famous relationship was with supermodel Irina Shayk, but while he was dating the Russian bombshell, Andressa Urach claimed he had cheated – with her. Who is she, exactly? Well, she’s a Brazilian glamour model who goes by ‘Miss BumBum,’ so that probably tells you about all that you need to know. Ronaldo vociferously denied the claims that the Brazilian babe made, but… given his track record, who knows. Sure, she might not be on Irina Shayk’s level on the hotness scale, but it’s easy to see why the soccer star may have been tempted with a quick treat.

3 Raffaella Fico

Raffaella Fico may be more known for her relationship with Italian superstar Mario Balotelli, with whom she has a child, but there was another soccer star whose attention she managed to capture – Ronaldo. Fico is no stranger to the limelight and makes her career as a beauty queen, showgirl, aspiring singer, actress, etc, etc. She’s fairly fame savvy and has even appeared on the Italian version of popular British reality show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Many think that the NBA is the organization in professional sports that attracts the most groupies, but there’s something to be said about football fans.

2 Kim Kardashian

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Nowadays, Kim and Kanye are basically a fused entity. They go everywhere together, they’ve cultivated a certain glamorous image, and they’re raising a daughter together (with another baby on the way). However, back in the day, Kim favored pro athletes over rappers, and when she was broken up with then-beau Reggie Bush, she ran into Ronaldo on a Madrid vacation. They were spotted having some fun together in a night club and sharing a meal together. Who knows what went on behind closed doors? She may be a devoted wife and mother now, but when she’s older, she may very well look back on her wilder, younger years with a bit of nostalgia.

1 Irina Shayk

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Any man would kill to date Irina Shayk – I mean, look at her! She’s absolutely stupidly gorgeous. In fact, her beauty is so great that she even inspired notorious playboy Ronaldo to turn in his bachelor card for awhile and court solely the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and actress. She managed to lock him down for nearly five years and even get an engagement ring out of him at one point – for a man whose average relationship lasted about a month, that’s an absolutely staggering amount of time. Sure enough, this consummate bachelor eventually decided to go back to playing the field and the couple split in 2015.


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