Top 15 Sexiest Female Soccer Stars

The Women’s World Cup in Canada confirmed what we already knew – the sport has gone mainstream. The gender gap continues to close with female soccer stars now getting their profile out there to an int

The Women’s World Cup in Canada confirmed what we already knew – the sport has gone mainstream. The gender gap continues to close with female soccer stars now getting their profile out there to an international audience. For the first time ever the women’s game will have players featuring on the FIFA 16 video game, creating another crack in the glass ceiling.

The US team is hot property right now, collecting their winner’s medals on rival territory north of the border. Alex Morgan, Hope Solo and Sydney Leroux are marquee role models who give young women around the country a platform to aspire to. The packed stadiums throughout the Canada and American games also tells us North America is setting the benchmark for female soccer.

While the undeniable talent of these women on the field is how we judge them as athletes, we can’t deny that their stunning aesthetic make them marketable superstars off the pitch. Just like David Beckham stripped down to sell cologne and underpants, sex continues to sell in 21st Century society.

With soccer’s popularity thriving across the most exotic locations around the globe, from the beaches of Rio to the mountain slopes of Europe, the sport attracts some of the most gorgeous sportswomen we’ve ever had the privilege of seeing. It turns out you have to be incredibly fit to run up and down a field for 90 minutes.

As the game continues to progress on an upward trajectory, these women aren’t shy to have their picture taken and market the game they love. So we’ve gone ahead and scoured the world to discover 15 of the sexiest stars in female soccer who flaunt their assets off the pitch.

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15 Sydney Leroux

Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

Considered somewhat of a traitor for crossing the border from Canada to the US, 25-year-old Sydney Leroux is a superstar of the game. The Western New York Flash striker has bagged a cool 35 goals in just 71 appearances for her national team and loves the sport so much, she married boyfriend and Sporting Kansas City MLS player Dom Dwyer earlier this year in January. Stunningly beautiful and photogenic on social media, we think we’ll be talking about Sydney for a few years to come.

14 Corine Franco


This exotic French blonde has mastered the art of right fullback. With 85 international caps to her name, the 31-year-old can be considered somewhat of a veteran for female French football. Franco set pulses racing when she posed naked for a photo shoot a few years ago, a decision that was controversial at the time but something that hasn’t been quickly forgotten. Whether its with Lyon at club level or playing for France at World Cups, Corine Franco is a massive asset on and off the field.

13 Nayeli Rangel


Nayeli Rangel has achieved a lot more than your average 23-year-old. The Mexican international captained her nation at Under 20 level and debuted at her first World Cup in midfield as a teenager in 2011. The diminutive number 7 loves to dribble past the opposition, but might love taking a selfie even more. If she’s not kicking a ball around you’ll find her taking shots in the gym or sporting some new swag. If her ascension to date is any indication then Nayeli will be a bedrock for female soccer in Mexico for a while yet.

12 Alex Morgan

Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

You don’t get to feature in commercials with Kobe Bryant if you’re not a superstar. The 26-year-old scores for America at better than a goal every other game (54 in 94 appearances), winning Olympic Gold to go with a FIFA World Cup title. Morgan picked up the sport late at 14, but took to it like a duck to water when she was drafted to the Western New York Flash 4 years ago. The girl with the Hollywood smile has done the bikini photo shoot circuit, yet it doesn’t matter what she does in the public eye because she has admirers all around the world.

11 Adriana Leon


Instagram was made for people like Canadian soccer star Adriana Leon. The 22-year-old Chicago Red Stars winger was traded to the franchise in 2013 and flaunts her extravagant lifestyle via her account @AdrianaLeon9, posting pictures of herself in a bright blue bikini on vacation in Cancun by the pool. Leon loves yoga and shopping, but they seem more like hobbies than a genuine passion. The blonde is looks great in red on the pitch, and just as good in anything off it.

10 Lauren Sesselmann


This current batch of Canadian soccer players is unquestionably one of the most stunning collection of beautiful people we’ve come across. Their dressing room would rival many Victoria Secret shows, and its because of people like Lauren Sesselmann. The 32-year-old veteran markets everything on her Instagram @lsesselmann, from DVD releases to protein bars and workout videos to her 25,300 followers. The versatile Houston Dash player might not have long left on the soccer field, but her extra curricular activities tells us she’s worked out life after soccer.

9 Laure Boulleau


The Paris Saint-Germain left back embraces the spotlight at every opportunity. At 28 Boulleau has been a professional player for a decade, transitioning from a blonde to brunette depending on the season. The French starlet helped her club reach the UEFA Women’s Champions League final this year and has amassed somewhat of an empire herself, signing on to do some modeling for luxury label Dior. She was cleared of a doping scandal just prior to the World Cup and judging by her images on social media, her infectious smile seems to tell us it didn’t get her down one bit.

8 Kosovare Asllani


Whether you agree with it or not, Swedish women tend to have a reputation for being incredibly hot. Call it an unfair generalization, but our next entrant does the stereotype no favors. Paris Saint Germain forward Kosovare Aslanni fits the bill, with the free spirit garnering a huge amount of attention for her looks during the World Cup. She is something of a controversial figure with a tattoo of a black double-headed eagle on her ankle, symbolizing the nation of Albania. Another talented striker whose goal scoring exploits (37 in 53 appearances) is only surpassed by her beauty.

7 Anouk Hoogendijk


Growing up from humble begins in the small Dutch town of Mijdrecht, Anouk Hoogendijk has gone on to achieve great things. The 30-year-old secured a big move to Arsenal ladies last year before returning to Ajax. The blonde beauty mixes her time on the football field with taking snaps of herself with friends and family around Holland. Anouk is traditionally Dutch, showing off her bike riding prowess and love for picking flowers.

6 Ellyse Perry


Down under Ellyse Perry is a national treasure. The beautifully talented athlete is a current double international, representing Australia at soccer and cricket running 2 careers parallel to each other. The 24-year-old has hooked up with Australian rugby union player Matt Tomua, but she is the one wearing the sports pants in the relationship. From magazine covers to photo shoots, press appearances and World Cup tours, Ellyse Perry is one of the best ambassadors for sports out there. She also happens to be incredibly gorgeous, just to rub it in.

5 Jessica Landstrom


If we didn’t know any better we’d have thought Jessica Landstrom was designed in a Swedish lab. The 30-year-old brunette is a fierce competitor on the field and a class act off it, coming out to the world as a lesbian in 2008 and completing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering of all things! Landstrom loved the game so much growing up as a young girl, but feared being labeled a Tomboy for enjoying soccer so much. Fortunately for us, she’s blossomed into a superb player and tremendous role model.

4 Jonelle Filigno


Now we’re getting to the business end, its clear these women would excel at anything that set their minds too. Canada’s Jonelle Filigno is one of those people and throughout her career has never been backward in coming forward. She blogged about her 2011 World Cup at the tender age of 20 and the attacking midfielder has gone on accumulated 71 games for her country at just 24. You’ll often see her @jfiligno16 post pictures of herself in the park practicing her juggling skills wearing a tight two-piece outfit in the sun. Practice makes perfect after all.

3 Toni Duggan


65,000 Instagram followers can’t be wrong. Manchester City footballer Toni Duggan can light up a room as easy as she lights up a soccer pitch, flying down the wing with blistering pace and guile. Having racked up 14 goals for her England national team, the 24-year-old cuts through to the regular sports fan with her carefree attitude to life and football. Duggan looks stunning in City’s sky blue kit, but any kit will do.

2 Hope Solo

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There isn’t much more you can say to explain the greatness of Hope Solo. The 34-year-old goalkeeper oozes confidence and dominates her area like few have ever done before. The brunette with the rockstar name is far more imposing than her 5ft 9 frame allows, strutting out on the red carpet in between winning World Cups and games for her club Seattle Reign. You name it, Hope has done it. Television interviews, magazine front covers, celebrity events, Hope has a global chorus of admirers and is truly an icon of American soccer.

1 Kaylyn Kyle


If you love blonde Canadian soccer players, then Kaylyn Kyle is your girl. The 26-year-old bombshell sets the standard in the gym and loves to show off her fit, slender figure to her 60,600 Instagram followers @kaylynkyle. The Olympic gold medalist gets to enjoy the best of both worlds, being a superstar who fronts commercials for soccer brands and appears on video games, whilst taking time off to go rowing with friends and off to Yankee ball games. Whether it’s a red Canadian jersey or red dress for a night on the town, Kaylyn Kyle has shown the world she is without doubt the sexiest female soccer star on the planet.

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