Top 15 Strangest Football Team Names

The team sheet has to be one of the most important aspects of a match. Whether it contains a list of superstars such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale, a game cannot function without it. Yet even more of note is the history behind the number of different team names.

After all, it is essential that a club has an identity and nothing could be truer than a side's name. In fact some of the world's biggest clubs have had other names in a previous existence. This includes the likes of FA Cup holders Arsenal. Back in the 19th Century, the Gunners went by the name of Woolwich Arsenal. This was largely in part due to the fact that they were formed in 1886 by a group of workers based at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, London.

On the other hand, Manchester United were far from being called this in the same period. The Red Devils were formerly known as Newton Heath back in 1878. Wearing green and gold half shirts, this particular kit was rejuvenated by United and was worn by the likes of Eric Cantona. However, Newton Heath's kit came to prominence most recently as a protest in response to the Glazer family who own Manchester United. The Green and Gold campaign could be seen all over Old Trafford as fans took to protests by wearing green and gold scarves to reflect their disdain of the Glazer ownership.

Yet this is nothing when compared to some of the team names that can be found across the globe. Take for example the aptly named Deportivo Moron who play their soccer in South America. This Argentinian outfit has even won an award for their downright bizarre team name. It seems that everyone is a moron from the players right down to the coach and even the supporters. But what are some of the other strangest team names out there?

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15 Fotballaget Fart

via nifoundation.info

Founded in the mid 1930's, Fotballaget Fart can literally blow hot and cold. Located in Norway, their form can turn like the wind. They are situated in the north of the country in a place called Vang. Even worse for their loyal supporters is the fact that they are better known as Fart for short. On top of all of that they place their home games at the ‘Fartbana’ which has been their actual stadium since 1934. It certainly must make teams nervous to play against them.

14 Botswana Meat Commission

via stuffled.com

That's right, even butchers have their own cool team name. Botswana Meat Commission are located in South Africa which is arguably one of the best meat exporters in the world. Nevertheless, team names never cease to amaze and this is precisely the effect with this hilarious offering. In a former world, Botswana Meat Commission were a progressive rock band in their heyday and now play in Lobatse. They play in the same league featuring other comical team names featuring Naughty Boys.

13 Kalamazoo Outrage

via wikimedia.org

It would in fact be an outrage if we did not bow our heads in respect to those funny teams that are no longer around. This features several clubs who played their soccer in the United States of America. Among some of the sides that have turned out in North America range from the snappy Knoxville Impact to the Michigan Madness. However, this is nothing when put side by side against the even mightier Kalamazoo Outrage.

12 Joe Public

via wikimedia.org

Now we all love a cup of Joe in the morning to start the day but how about a team called Joe Public? This particular side is based in Trinidad and Tobago in the heart of the beautiful Caribbean. It seems that anyone can turn up and play for this small team. They were created as a result of Trinidad and Tobago's poor showing where they did not reach the World Cup in France back in 1998.

11 Young Boys of Bern

via wikimedia.org

Considered to be one of the oldest teams in Switzerland, a shoutout must go to Young Boys of Bern. Known as Young Boys for short, this Swiss side was created at the end of the 19th Century. The team name came about thanks to a football game organised by a group of students at a university. The rest as they say is history, whilst adding to insult to injury, they began playing matches at the hysterically named Wankdorf Stadium. Some of their most famous players have featured former Tottenham Hotspur player Christian Ziegler. Young Boys of Bern sounds more like a musical act, or a cartoonish street gang.

10 Insurance Management Bears

via wikimedia.org

Located in the Bahamas, this easily makes it into the top 10 of the strangest team names of all time. In 1996, the Insurance Management Bears were founded by Anton Sealey. He is renowned for being the President of the FA in the Bahamas. This was down to a grant which he received to found the club. Meanwhile, the Bears have gone on to win the national title on more than five occasions. The name sounds more like a group of collectors.

The shortened name of Bears FC sounds perfectly fine, but the full name is a head-scratcher when first hearing it.

9 Semen Padang

via indobolanews.com

There are no flies when it comes to this team name. Semen Padang enjoy playing their football in the Indonesian football league. The Indonesian Super League can be found in Western Sumatra. Since their inception back in 1980, Semen Padang have the backing of a cement organisation. They also share the same name as their counterparts which must make it easy as far as administration is concerned. At least the logo looks pretty cool.

8 King Faisal Babes

via wikimedia.org

Who knew that even royalty can get in on the weird and wonderful team naming initiation? Known as King Faisal Babes, this starting 11 are without question hot to trot. Whether King Faisal himself was involved in the naming of this team or whether it is a homage to the man, it will no doubt crack many fans up. The Babes play their football in the Ghana Premier League and have an impressive stadium which seats more than 35,000 fans.

7 Dinamo Bender

via gmkfreelogos.com

Plying their trade in the depths of Belarus is not an enviable task but someone has to do it. This is exactly the case with Dinamo Bender where they are in the equivalent of the second tier of football. They come from the town which is actually called Bender and have been revamped over the years. This includes being called Burevestnik Bender which is the name they adopted until 1958. In addition to this, they have been named Lokomotiv Bender not to mention Nistrul Bender Pishevik Bender.

6 The Strongest

via wikimedia.org

In football, players need to have that no nonsense attitude when it comes to dealing with the opposition. However, The Strongest take team names to even greater heights. With previous nicknames such as Gualdinegro and El Decano they have definitely made a name for themselves. This Bolivian side play their games in La Paz, Bolivia where altitude can often play havoc with individuals. Perhaps a good credo for the team would be "only the strong survive"?

5 NAC Breda (full version)

via 99sportslogos.com

Whilst many football aficionados are already familiar with the name NAC Breda, this a shortened version of the actual team. Located in the Netherlands, it has been deemed one of the longest team names in sport. This came about due to the merging go not only NOAD but ADVENDO. These abbreviations in Dutch come together and bring the outrageously named:

Nooit opgeven altijd doorgaan, Angenaam door vermaak en nuttig door ontspanning, Combinatie Breda

4 Bangkok Bravo FC (full version)

via inilah.com

Supporters may be required to take a deep breath before chanting the name of this side. A Thai team, Bangkok Bravo are otherwise known in its entirety as:

Amon Rattanakosin Krung Thep Mahanakhon Mahinthara Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Ayuthaya Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit Bravo Association Football Club.

Imagine if you were a play-by-play announcer for this team.

3 Hearts of Oak

via wikimedia.org

There are those players who give everything for their side. Blood as well as sweat and tears are left on the field of play. Yet as some have hearts of gold, there are others on the flip side who seem to have Hearts of Oak coursing through their veins. Deemed to be the oldest team that is currently out there in Ghana, they have certainly made an impact in their home nation.

2 Deportivo Wanka

via arkivperu.com

If anyone is ever in doubt with regards to the pronunciation of this specific team name, it is apparently 'banker'. This side who are situated in Peru can be found playing their football high up in the Andes mountain range. Here, they play more than 4,000 metres above sea level. Yet they don't suffer a head for heights in spite of their salubrious team name. Only being in existence for less than 20 years, Deportivo Wanka play in Huancayo and are unfortunately called that due to the local population. They are known as ‘Wankas’ although their local dialect defines a ‘Wanka’ as warrior.

1 Chaco For Ever

via 20minutos.es

Hailing from the north of Argentina, this South American outfit pulls no punches in the odd team name stakes. Chaco for Ever were created back in 1913 as Club Atlético Chaco For Ever. Playing in the Argentinian league, they were once an integral part of the Primera Divison where all the footballing big dogs played. Yet this crazy gang have a distinctive black and white kit which is similar to that of Notts County and Juventus.

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