Top 20 Highest Rated Players in FIFA 2015

The release of EA Sports’ FIFA 2015 is just around the corner. Every year EA releases a list of the highest ranked players in the game and this year has certainly not disappointed. The best players in

The release of EA Sports’ FIFA 2015 is just around the corner. Every year EA releases a list of the highest ranked players in the game and this year has certainly not disappointed. The best players in this year’s edition of the game come exclusively from seven of the world’s greatest clubs. They are names that which virtually every soccer and FIFA fan will be familiar. After a summer featuring many high profile transfers, a spectacular World Cup in Brazil, and an exciting beginning to domestic leagues, we are finally ready for FIFA.

Elite players in FIFA can be viewed as valuable commodities. These players can be deployed in a variety of roles and game modes. In one of FIFA’s most popular game modes, Ultimate Team, the ability to place these players on your squad can cost hundreds of thousands of Ultimate Team coins. Ultimate Team coins are an in-game currency that can fluctuate heavily in value. Many FIFA players chose to purchase Ultimate Team packs using real world currency, in order to find their favorite players. Special editions of the player cards can be sold for millions of coins, giving coin sellers and committed players extra incentive to find these cards.

FIFA is one of the world’s most popular video games. It has been credited with boosting the popularity of soccer in North America. FIFA allows gamers to take control of their favorite players. FIFA gamers can take the form of pace fanatics, tekkers, or brutes with each approach having different uses within the game. These elite players possess an arsenal of skills in their digital coding that allows them to perform incredible feats to the delight of their controlling players. With another chapter about to be written in FIFA history, here are the best players you’ll want to have on pitch.

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20 Vincent Kompany – Manchester City – 86 Overall


EA Sports dubbed Vincent Kompany the 20th best player in FIFA, despite sharing the 86 overall rating with several other players. Kompany earned the rating after leading Manchester City to another Premier League title. His 87 defensive rating means he is one of the surest tacklers in the game. Kompany’s towering physical presence means that he is a threat on every corner kick. He also has above average pace, dibbling and passing abilities for a center back. Kompany is ready to be the backbone of your central defense.

19 Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich – 87 Overall

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Lewandowski has been a favorite of players that construct their team from Bundesliga superstars. Now in his first season with Bayern Munich, he spearheads one of the most potent attacking forces in the world. His speed, dribbling, and shooting ratings are all over 80 meaning his is a threat to score nearly every time he has the ball in the penalty area. With a four star ratings for weak foot and skill moves, Lewandowski can put on a show. Get this man the ball and he will score.

18 Luka Modric – Real Madrid – 87 Overall

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Since arriving in Real Madrid, Luka Modric has developed into a top quality central midfielder. As the successor to Xabi Alonso’s spot in the Madrid midfield, Modric is capable of dictating play with his passing and dribbling through several defenders. He is also capable of playing a winning role in central midfield, with a 71 defensive rating. Modric can be considered a two footed player that can be dangerous when shooting from just outside of the penalty area. Modric continues to be an underrated part of the collection of superstars that play for Real Madrid.

17 David Silva – Manchester City – 87 Overall

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Standing at only 5’7’’, it is easy to underestimate David Silva. Unfortunately for opposing defenders, David Silva has an 89 dribbling rating and four-star skill moves, which could leave them frozen in their boots. Silva’s 85 passing ability allows him to dissect defenses with killer through balls and crosses that can be placed on a pinpoint. Perhaps his only drawback is his 33 defensive rating, which means it can be difficult to fulfill the defensive responsibilities of a left midfielder.

16 Thiago Silva – Paris Saint-Germain – 87 Overall


Thiago Silva is considered one of the best center backs in the world. He is a supremely skilled defender and that is shown through his 90 defensive rating. His dribbling and passing ratings are both 72, which is very good for a central defender, and means that he is capable of providing service to attacking players. Silva featured as Brazil’s captain at this summer’s World Cup and should be included in every Brazilian based squad. When paired with his childhood friend and teammate David Luis, the duo makes up a video game defense that is difficult to break down.

15 Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid – 87 Overall

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Sergio Ramos scored the winning goal in the Champions League final last season. This year he holds the honor of being tied among the highest rated defenders. Ramos possesses phenomenal jumping and heading abilities. This allows him to soar above opposing defenses on set pieces to score goals and safely clear his line to prevent them. With the ability to produce on both ends of the pitch, this defender should be considered a necessary addition to any La Liga squad.

14 Gareth Bale – Real Madrid – 87 Overall

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Gareth Bale joined Real Madrid last season in the most expensive transfer deal in the history of soccer. He rewarded the bosses at Real Madrid with a Champions League title. This season he will reward FIFA owners with his unbelievable pace and dribbling ability. With a pace of 94, defenders will be left in his dust when he receives the ball in space. His passing and shooting ratings of 83 show that he can destroy defenses with teamwork and lethal finishing.

13 Philipp Lahm – Bayern Munich – 87 Overall


Philipp Lahm has long been considered the world’s greatest right back by discerning football writers. His role at Bayern since the arrival of Pep Guardiola has featured Lahm being deployed in a defensive midfield role. FIFA 2015 reflects Lahm’s new role by giving him a CDM position. He retains his stellar 87 defensive rating, along with an 84 in passing and an 83 in dribbling. Lahm is a very dangerous player that can spring lethal counter attacks at a moment’s notice. When combined with the rest of the talent that Bayern Munich has at their disposal, he can be almost unstoppable.

12 Radamel Falcao – Manchester United – 88 Overall


Radamel Falcao’s move to Manchester United has delighted fans of the Red Devils and Premier League based Ultimate Team squads. The Colombian striker suffered a devastating knee injury last season, but is now back and ready to shine in the Premier League. Falcao has an 86 shooting rating, which is amongst the highest for all strikers. When combined with his pace and dribbling ability, Falcao's a threat when he is given the ball in space.

11 Robin van Persie – Manchester United – 88 Overall


Lethal finishing has been a trademark of Robin van Persie throughout his career, and that is no different in FIFA 15. His 90 shooting rating means that he can score from anywhere in the final third. His dribbling and passing abilities mean that he can create opportunities for himself and his teammates. Van Persie is a threat to score with both feet and with headers. When he is paired alongside his new Manchester United teammate, Falcao, the two comprise perhaps the most intimidating striker duo in the game.

10 Eden Hazard – Chelsea – 88 Overall

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Eden Hazard is the definition of a “PlayStation Player.” He is extremely fast with a pace of 89. His dribbling ability of 91 and four star skill moves mean that he can pull off almost any trick in the book. As a left midfielder, he is particularly dangerous when cutting to the inside from the wing. His shooting and passing skills make him equally dangerous whether he is setting up his teammates or finishing the chances himself. When Hazard is teamed up with his legion of talented Chelsea teammates or the bevy of talented Belgians, he is among the world’s most dangerously creative players.

9 Franck Ribery – Bayern Munich – 88 Overall

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Franck Ribery is yet another superstar from Bayern Munich featured on this list. The French left midfielder can dazzle opponents with five star skills and blow past them with his 89 pace. Although his physical and defensive ratings leave something to be desired on the defensive side of the ball, Ribery compensates by being a creative force. At a moment’s notice, Franck Ribery can sprint to the corner, send in a cross, and change a game. Every FIFA player should be aware of what Ribery is capable of, as forgetting could be costly.

8 Bastian Schweinsteiger – Bayern Munich – 88 Overall

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

While Bastian Schweinsteiger’s intensity, desire, and determination do not have an accurate transition FIFA rating, he is rewarded with four ratings over 80. His 85 passing ability allows him to operate as a distributor, while his defensive and physical ratings show his capabilities as a ball winner. Bastian boasts high work rates on both the offensive and defensive ends, and is the only player in the top 10 to hold that honor.

7 Luis Suarez – Barcelona – 89 Overall


If FIFA 15 has a villain, it is Luis Suarez. Following his World Cup appearance, where he bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini, he was granted a lengthy suspension. FIFA 15 will not feature that suspension, but will immediately allow Suarez to fit into his new role at Barcelona. Suarez has everything necessary to succeed as a striker in FIFA. He has spectacular pace and shooting abilities. Thankfully his behavioral problems have not carried over to the video game.

6 Andres Iniesta – Barcelona – 89 Overall


Many football pundits have claimed that Andres Iniesta’s skills have been fading. EA Sports seems to have made a declaration to the opposite, by giving him an 89 overall rating. Long considered one of the premier playmakers in the world, he still possesses fantastic passing ability. When he is not setting up chances for Messi and Neymar, he can be found dribbling through opposing defenses. His diminutive stature is overshadowed by his technical ability. Iniesta is still the beating heart of Barcelona’s midfield.

5 Manuel Neuer – Bayern Munich – 90 Overall


As the world’s greatest goalkeeper it is only natural that Manuel Neuer is the highest rated at the position. The net seems to shrink when Neuer stands in front of it at 6’4’’ with a diving ability of 87. His reputation as a sweeper keeper contributes to his four-star weak foot ability and 92 kick rating. As long as players do not abuse the keeper charge commands, Neuer should always be in the right positon to make a save.

4 Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Paris Saint-Germain – 90 Overall


The Zlatan is honored by being the top rated striker in FIFA 15 with an overall rating of 90. Ibrahimovic’s technical ability is shown in his 86 dribbling ability and incredible 91 shooting rating. Somehow he missed out on a five-star skill move rating, and will have to settle for four. Zlatan’s is also perhaps the game’s best aerial player, standing at 6’5’’ with a physical rating of 86. Feel free to shoot whenever he has the ball, Zlatan is capable of the spectacular and rarely disappoints.

3 Arjen Robben – Bayern Munich – 90 Overall

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike real life, where he is resigned to cutting in from the right flank repeatedly, Arjen Robben has a far more versatile skill set in FIFA 15. With a blistering pace rating of 93, Robben can outrun every defender in the game. His dribbling and passing abilities allow him to create opportunities for teammates like Franck Ribery and Robert Lewandowski. One thing to remember about Robben is that he is truly a one footed player and his 86 shooting rating can only be taken advantage of on his left foot.

2 Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid – 92 Overall

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Despite winning the Ballon D’Or award last season, Cristiano Ronaldo is the second highest rated player in FIFA 15, with a 92 overall rating. His five-star skill moves, 93 pace, and 93 shooting make him a constant feature in the roster of Real Madrid fans and spoiled 12-year-olds alike. Ronaldo is also a threat to score on free kicks and is one of the most dangerous set piece takers in the game. If he is not providing the service, Ronaldo can also soar above defenders to score headed goals. While he may not be the highest rated, Ronaldo is the most complete attacking player in FIFA 15.

1 Lionel Messi – Barcelona – 93 Overall


Lionel Messi is once again the highest rated player in FIFA. EA Sports has blessed the Messiah with a dribbling rating of 96, pace of 93, and a shooting rating of 89. What he lacks in physical statue, Messi compensates with a creativity and ingenuity. Messi’s genius has always translated well to the FIFA environment, where he can make virtually every pass imaginable. When deployed as a central forward, Messi excels at running onto through balls. He struggles in aerial challenges, but with consistent service to his feet, Messi can undo even the best FIFA players.

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