Top 20 Hot Pictures of Sydney Leroux You NEED to See

Sydney Leroux is a professional women’s soccer player who looks great both on and off the field. She is blessed with athletic prowess, smarts, and beauty. Her father played professional baseball and saw playing time as a pitcher in the Major League. Her mother played softball and was a member of the Canadian women’s national softball team. With baseball in her genes, Sydney played baseball from 1994 until 2004. She was a multi-sport stand-out in high school, as she played soccer at Johnston Heights Secondary School in Surrey, Canada where she was the leading scorer on the team, while she was also an outstanding track and field athlete who was on a winning 4 x 100 meter relay team.

Sydney went on to play soccer with the Coquitlam City Wild between 2002 and 2004. Her goal scoring abilities were highly praised and, at the age of 15, she became the youngest player to ever play for the Vancouver Whitecaps of the Women’s League.

Her dream was to play for the US National Women’s Team so, at the age of 15, she moved to Arizona to do just that. She would go on to have success throughout her college and professional careers. She is still living her dream and looks forward to playing the game she loves for years to come.

She also just happens to look fantastic and has been the center-piece of many photographs. Here are the 20 hottest must-see photos of Sydney Leroux.

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8 Dangerous Curves 

via shutterstock.com

Sydney can look astonishingly alluring in formal situations. She attracted attention at the 2015 Espy Awards while she posed for several pictures on the red carpet. She emitted an aura of class and elegance in her full-length black dress and high-heels. With plenty of skin showing, Sydney showed off her ample and well-toned curves while her eyes seductively gazed at passers-by. 2015 saw her grace the cover of ESPN Magazine with two of her teammates. It was a busy year for Sydney in which she received a lot of attention and was further thrust into the national and global spotlight.

7 Flying High

Via sounderatheart.com

Nike has been a faithful supporter of Sydney Leroux and she has not let them down. From the Nike Training Club video to her “Winning in a Winter Wonderland” advertisement, Sydney has been a great face for the brand. In this picture, Sydney is providing a great action pose that was used in the 2013 Nike Women’s Look Book.The tightly clinging red and black suit her well as she flies through the air to an unknown destination. A lot of guys might dream of her touching down beside her but they might as well keep dreaming. Sydney wears the “swoosh” well.

18. Naked Ambition

Via pinimg.com

One of the few times that we wish Sydney had much shorter hair is in this photo of her baring nearly all for the drooling masses to see. Unfortunately, her dark wavy locks are strategically covering her the way opponents need to cover her on the soccer pitch. The difference is that, unlike her long hair, defenders are not usually successful at keeping her covered. Despite being in a corner, she appears ready to give the photographer a good Karate Kid style kick in the face.

This picture gives brings a whole new meaning to “not suiting up” for a game.

17. Bodyarmor to Rehydrate

Via giantartists.com

Keeping in shape and working on some fancy footwork is a common routine for Sydney. After working up a glistening sweat, she likes to rehydrate with her favourite sports drink, Bodyarmor. As she navigates the cones, she keeps her eyes on the prize, much like we keep our eyes on her statuesque figure. She bounces in all the right places while she shuffles back and forth between the cones. It’s easy to see why sponsors have an interest in having Leroux endorse their products. One problem they might encounter is that Sydney’s hotness becomes the focus of any picture she is seen in, which leaves the advertised product unnoticed.

6 How Does it Feel to Score?

Via yeorno.xyz

She might wear the number 2 but she is number 1 in our books. Sydney is proud to wear the red, white and blue and she has scored many goals while wearing those colours. It’s a shame that she can’t wear something a little tighter fitting on the field. Still, she looks as good as one can in her baggy soccer uniform.

After burning defenders and putting the ball between the sticks, Sydney drops to her knees with clenched fists and roars like a lioness that has just made a kill. Her silky skills and silky skin make women’s soccer a pleasure to watch.

15. Revealing in White

Via blogspot.com

Soccer uniforms don't really do Sydney Leroux justice. Under her loose-fitting top, long shorts and her knee-high socks, Sydney has a great body with nice curves. Those curves were noticeable on the red carpet at the 2014 ESPYs. Sydney wowed the gallery with her low-cut and form-fitting white dress while standing tall in her high-heels at the annual awards ceremony.

14. Pretty in Pink (Isn’t She)

Via news.nike.com

Sydney is showing off her flexibility in this promotional shot for the Nike Training Club App which takes users through a 15-minute high intensity workout consisting of five drills. These exercises are intended to build strength in the legs and core. Sydney definitely has shapely legs and a solid core that she needs to keep tuned in order to compete at a top level. In her pink top, tiny tight shorts and matching leggings, Sydney shows the kind of body that can result from this type of training. It’s amazing enough that she can touch her toes when so many of us can barely touch our knees.

13. A Striking Beauty

Via blogspot.com

Her abs are as hard as steel and flat enough to eat a bowl of soup off of. In a promotional picture for the 2013 Nike Lookbook, Sydney captures the intended grace and dynamism that is inherent in the world’s top female athletes. Her coordinated checkered top and hoodie portrays a fall look while her pose reminds us of her powerful striking ability. As in most pictures of Sydney, her contours are prominently displayed while her face projects the look of determination and confidence that let us know that she means business. Even when she is trying to look serious, she looks hot.

12. Working Hard to Stay Hard

Via giantartists.com

Sydney works hard to maintain her body. Exercise is a key element in her ability to compete at such a high level. She does a lot of running, aerobics and weight training as shown in the picture above. Here she is being photographed by David Black for the Eastbay Catalogue. Her dedication to fitness certainly pays off on the field.

5 Leaving Just Enough to the Imagination 

via imgur.com

While Sydney is all business on the field, she can take time off to show us her luscious figure that bubbles over in a bikini. This tiny red bikini top is beyond eye-popping and it almost seems to stare right back at you. It would be quite hypnotizing to watch her engaged in a game of beach volleyball in that attire. If the present day baggy soccer uniforms were replaced by this type of outfit, women’s soccer would become the most viewed sport on television.

4 Stretching the Lead

Via imgur.com

Sydney Leroux can somehow smile while she performs stretches that would leave most people grimacing in pain.Maybe she is smiling because, like us, she knows that she’s incredibly hot. She is colour coordinated right down to her nail polish as she breezes through her warm-up with ease on the well manicured grass. The stadium is empty now but when game time arrives, it will be full of Sydney Leroux fans that will cheer her every move. Sydney recently announced that she is pregnant, so she will need to be even more flexible if she wants to juggle parenthood and soccer.

9. A Step Up

Via giantartists.com

Sydney is in fine form as she performs her step exercises in her yellow Nike shoes and her matching tie-dye tights. Her tank top fits nicely while exposing her tight midriff. These drills are all about ups and downs, which Sydney’s had a few of.This is another shottaken by photographer David Black for the Eastbay Catalog which sells a wide array of sports apparel and equipment. They couldn’t have chosen a better model to show off their products as Sydney looks fantastic in anything. She seems to be deeply focused on the task at hand which is not unusual for the talented athlete.

8. Red Alert

Via news.nike.com

Sydney is a confident woman who isn’t afraid to strut her stuff for the cameras. She looked stunning at the 2013 ESPYs while posing for photos in a low-cut red dress. At the time, Sydney and the US Women’s National Team were coming off a 7-0 victory over Mexico in a friendly match. The 5’7” Leroux looks closer to 6 feet tall in her platform heels. It’s amazing that she can actually walk in those things. It is further testament to her balance and agility.

7. Baring it All

Via fifawallpapers.com

Sydney is frustratingly positioning herself as to not give too much away. Damn it. She might be about to connect with an airborne soccer ball or she could be set up to deliver a devastating flying drop kick. Whatever the case may be, Sydney proves that she has one of the best bodies in women’s soccer during this ESPN photo shoot. Take a gander at those gams. She looks like a super-hero whose beauty, athleticism and confidence are her most powerful weapons. It is evident from this picture that a healthy lifestyle has paid off in many ways. Hopefully fans can see her in more photo shoots like this one in the future.

6. Warming Up

Via hawtcelebs.com

The Nike Lunar Cross Element shoes might indicate that Sydney is about to embark on a high-intensity workout. The pink compression sleeve shirt, short shorts and leggings tells us that she is going to look great doing it. It’s easy to stare at her silky legs and her popping chest as she warms up with a few stretches. She looks like a delicate ballerina but Sydney is a tough-as-nails and finely tuned competitor who always gives it her best effort. Her teammates and coaches have praised her work ethic both on and off the field. Who knows what Sydney is pondering as she gazes at her hand?

5. Subtle Pointers About Tanning

via sportsgrid.com

Life is not fulfilling without taking time out to do those things that you enjoy. Yes, Sydney enjoys her career and workout regimen, but she also likes to spend time away from the spotlight. Like most hot women, Sydney enjoys basking in the sun and we love to watch her bask. In this photo, Sydney stuns us in her revealing bikini as she catches a few rays on a warm sunny day. Are there any volunteers to put some sun tan lotion on her back?

3 Deep in Thought

Via drinkbodyarmor.com

This is another photograph taken by David Black for the Eastbay Catalog. The great lighting and Sydney’s impossibly perfect form have made for some incredible shots. Her tight fitting long sleeve Nike compression top accentuates her bubbly features as she stretches out those shapely hamstrings. Like in most of the Eastbay Catalog photos, Sydney appears to be in deep thought as she stares off into the distance. She certainly has a lot to think about these days with a baby on the way and her career temporarily on hold. She doesn’t appear to be stressed out by the new challenges although she was looking forward to participating in the 2016 Olympics.

2 Proud to Wear Red, White and Blue

Via jockington.com

In this photo, Sydney is modeling the official 2014 FIFA World Cup away uniform. The outfit is the usual loose fitting soccer style but it can’t hide the many curves that grace Sydney’s figure. The red shorts don't give too much away but still show off her curves, just enough for fans to appreciate. Add in the slender jersey and you've got another fantastic picture of this incredible athlete.

2. Tattoo You

Via totalsportsblog.com

Look at those eyes. In another photo from the 2014 FIFA World Cup uniform promo, Sydney’s provocative eyes capture our attention as she softly touches her lips. The tattoo on her fingers is just one of at least 15 that decorate her body. She got her first tattoo when she was just 13-years-old and each one of them has significance. She has taken some criticism for her inked up appearance but Sydney insists that the body art represents her life and are as important to her as soccer. And hey, we aren't complaining.

1 Going All Out

via gotceleb.com

Relentless effort, tenacity and passion are traits that Sydney carries both professionally and in her private life. This photo shows Sydney enjoying the sun on the beach in another fantastic bikini shot. Here we see Sydney with fellow Women's Soccer superstar Alex Morgan. While both of these ladies look stunning, Sydney is once again demonstrating why she's the complete package.

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