Top 20 Hottest Women Mario Balotelli Has Hooked Up With

There isn't much to say about on-loan AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli that hasn't already been said. Known for his excessive partying, attitude, turbulent love life and sometimes his footballing ability, Balotelli has well and truly taken advantage of his high stature in the football work.

It’s sometimes lost just how good of a footballer Super Mario is given how often he features in the tabloids; we can’t forget that this is a title-winning striker who leads from the front for Italy’s international team.

Despite his footballing ability, his antics often overshadow his skills on the pitch, especially when it comes to his endless list of romantic partners and these are just the ones that make it to the media we’re talking about.

It's no surprise that someone of his status has dated plenty of gorgeous women, but no other footballer comes close to matching him for both quality and quantity when it comes to pursuing the opposite gender.

However, so many high-profile relationships with gorgeous women brings plenty of drama, as the mixed-up striker has been caught out cheating multiple times, pestering women on social media and has even tried to avoid his responsibilities as a father.

Nevertheless, one thing you can't take away from Balotelli is his taste in women, having been reported to be dating a number of gorgeous women throughout his time with Internazionale, Manchester City, AC Milan and Liverpool.

These are the top 20 hottest women Mario Balotelli has hooked up with - it was hard to trim it down to just 20.

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20 Verónica Angeloni 

via broswaypress.com

Soon after leaving Raffaela Fico, Balotelli found himself dating Italian volleyball player Veronica Angeloni. Their relationship never really took off after members of the Italian women's volleyball team successfully helped sway Angeloni away from Balotelli. To say it was for the best would be an understatement.

19 Betty Kourakou 

via afronews.co

Balotelli and Betty Kourakou began - and ended - a brief relationship in 2010 shortly after Kourakou signed a modelling contract with Milano. The Greek model has since achieved plenty in her career and is probably lucky she dodged the bullet that is Mario Balotelli after he left her to, predictably enough, hook up with some more models. As a professional footballer player, what else is there to do with your time?

18 Chloe Evans 

via calciomalato.blogosfere.it

While Balotelli had been dating Rafaella Fico for four months, he also began a relationship with personal assistant Chloe Evans. They continued their on-again-off-again relationship from 2010 through to 2012, and Evans claims "sex helped him be better at football."  Maybe Evans is to blame for Balotelli's inconsistent performances for Manchester City through that time.

17 Jenny Thompson 

via ibtimes.co.uk

You'd expect Balotelli's six-week affair with the infamous Wayne Rooney hooker to be seedy, but Jenny Thompson gave a glowing review after their time together came to an end in April of 2012. Thompson claimed that Balotelli surpassed Rooney in every way and that he impressed her with his intelligence and sense of humor, continuing to date him even after finding out he was dating Raffaella Fico. Clearly her ability to judge the good nature of men isn't the greatest.

16 Veronica Graf 

via liban4sports.com

Alrighty, strap yourselves in because this is a fun one. Playboy model Veronica Graf hooked up with Balotelli while in a relationship with Inter Malin's Saphir Taider, participating in a foursome with Mario and Enoch Balotelli as well as another female. The claims were made while Graf was a contestant on Big Brother - the program didn't air the claims in fear of a defamation lawsuit - and supposedly happened a week before her entering the house.

15 Raffaella Fico 

via dailymail.co.uk

Needless to say, Mario Balotelli could have saved himself a lot of negative media had Raffaella Fico been just a fling. Their first stint together ended after Fico flew from Italy to Manchester to confront the Manchester City striker over cheating allegations. The two began dating again for a short period during Fico's pregnancy with the couple's child - a child Balotelli refused to acknowledge was his and requested a paternity test before acknowledging as his daughter - but it was not to be.

14 Desirée Busetto 

via gossip.pourfemme.it

Soon after winning the English Premier League title in stunning fashion with Manchester City, Balotelli began seeing pageant girl and model Desirée Busetto. It seems somewhat ironic that Busetto’s career never really took off while Mario Balotelli’s career began to spiral downward during and soon after their fling.

13 Barbara Guerra 

via footyforthesoul.com

Under a year after debuting for Inter Milan, Balotelli found himself in his first celebrity relationship with Italian actress and showgirl, Barbaro Guerra. As Balotelli's first notable hook-up since breaking out as a senior-age footballer, Guerra can be seen as the starting point of Balotelli's promiscuity. You’ve got to wonder how much drama could have been avoided had these two made it.

12 Sara Tommasi 

via i.rlfans.com

Here's something different: a woman Mario Balotelli slept with before she became an adult film star. In February of 2011, model-turned-actress Sara Tomassi and Balotelli hooked up for a brief period in a year that saw Balotelli find himself in a long-term relationship for the first time. It wasn't meant to be with Tommasi, however, who opted to pursue adult entertainment instead.

11 Sophie Reade 

via 5adaybets.blogspot.com

Making the move to Manchester City, Balotelli began dating English model and winner of the 10th season of Big Brother UK, Sophie Reade. Although Balotelli has had some questionable breakup methods, this one truly takes the cake. On New Year's Eve of 2010, herself, best friend Faye Evette Betts, Balotelli and some friends went back to Balotelli's place where he slept with her in another room while his friends kicked Reade out. Ouch.

10 Melissa Castagnoli 

via twitter.com

Former Miss Italy finalist and Balotelli met on Facebook in 2010, one of many hookups social media would allow him. The pair went on to date for a few months before he broke up with her via text message. In true Mario Balotelli fashion, the striker was spotted with another girl on the weekend following their breakup.

9 Carla Howe

via caughtoffside.com

Having just arrived at Liverpool, Balotelli found himself dating one half of twin Playboy models, Carla Howe, and their relationship is rumored to be the cause of Balotelli's split with his ex-fiancée Fanny Negeusha. Who could have predicted that a romance between a Playboy model and a football star would never work out?

8 Tabby Brown 

via caughtoffside.com

Balotelli and model Tabby Brown dated for seven months before Brown's concern that Balotelli was seeing other women became too much and she called things off, dumping him for Mr Steal Yo' Girl himself, Trey Songz. After their breakup, Brown stated "Sometimes he reminded me of a mixed-up teenager. He means well but then his massive ego and hot temper get him into all sorts of trouble."

7 Lauren Thorne 

via thesun.co.uk

Considering the colossal number of women Balotelli has dated, saying his approaches on then-teenager Lauren Thorne are his creepiest to date is no understatement, and this is a constant social media pest we're talking about. In 2012, Balotelli secretly followed the waitress home, pestered her for a date, bored her with football talk and struck out badly. On her experiences with Super Mario, Thorne said: "I suppose it was quite flattering to be asked out — but when he knocked on the door I really didn’t know who he was. He didn’t tell me his name or how he knew where I lived. I was slightly freaked out!”

6 Dayane Mello 

via gossip.it

While Dayane Mello was continuing her on-again-off-again relationship with now-former tennis player Nicolás Massú, she enjoyed a short fling with Mario Balotelli. It's uncertain who has had a more dramatic love life so far, Mello or Balotelli. If only the two had stayed together, plenty of hearts could have been spared.

5 Sara Galimberti 

via belles-du-sport.e-monsite.com

Fresh off a vicious breakup with Sophie Reade, Balotelli began seeing Sara Galimberti in 2011 and surprisingly had a relatively quiet spring season. However, Balotelli never ended up settling down with the pageant girl, model and long-distance runner, opting to continue to tear through unsuspecting models throughout Europe.

4 Holly Henderson 

via ohmygossip.com

Because it wasn't enough for Balotelli to hook up with the same girl Wayne Rooney was caught with, he went one step further and dated – and even proposed to – Rooney’s second cousin. Glamour model Holly Henderson claims that Balotelli said he would marry her if she gave up her modelling career, which he reportedly hated, and became doubtful of their relationship after Balotelli became controlling. The jealous Super Mario once showed up on the set of Come Dine With Me because he was suspicious about Henderson’s male co-star, which is hilarious considering Balotelli's promiscuity, but okay.

3 Fanny Neguesha

via gazzettaworld.gazzetta.it

Of all the women Mario Balotelli has dated, model Fanny Neguesha is the one that got away. After his move to AC Milan, Balotelli and Neguesha got engaged in March of 2013 but split in 2014. The breakup was mutual and Neguesha revealed she gave back the £100,000 ring Balotelli used for the proposal. Neguesha also revealed she was unprepared for the pressure of being a football WAG, but has gone on to date other footballers.

2 Vanessa Lawrens 

via public.fr

On a chance meeting in Ibiza, Spain, Balotelli and actress-model-singer Vanessa Lawrens spent their 2012 summer together on beaches and in clubs. Their relationship blossomed while Balotelli's ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico made claims that Balotelli was the father of her unborn baby, which probably didn't help his budding relationship with Lawrens. Probably not the biggest turn-on.

1 Eliana Cartella 

via bonsai.tv

After dating Balotelli in September 2012, showgirl, singer and TV host Eliana Cartella had some nasty things to say about him after their breakup, claiming he has no respect for women, along with other negative reviews. The comments came at an unfortunate time for Balotelli, who was facing scrutiny after ex-girlfriend Raffaella Fico claimed that he was the father of her unborn child while his Manchester City career began to go down the drain.

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