Venezuelan Soccer Player Gets Brutally Kicked In The Back By Fan During TV Interview

It seems like I have been seeing a lot of stories lately of fans being idiots. From the dummy who tried to sneak a picture with Mike Tyson and the hundreds of fans who rioted on the soccer pitch in Brazil to the douchebags who tried to 'FHRITP' a Canadian female TV reporter. Well, here is another one.

Venezuelan soccer player Aquiles Ocanto was doing a live TV interview after a 0-0 match between his team, Carabobo FC and Aragua FC. PRetty standard stuff right? We see athletes do this all the time in every sport. But what we don't often see is what happened during that interview.

A fan ran onto the field, charged at Ocanto from behind and jump kicked him right in the back! I have watched the video a couple times and I still can't believe it actually happened. And I assume, like me, you have 3 questions about the incident:

Why did he do it? I can't find an answer anywhere. No one seems to know why it happened!

What happened to the "kicker" after the attack? In the video you can see the attacker just turn and run off after his cowardly act and there are people in the vicinity. But at this point there is no word as to if he was apprehended or what, if anything, happened to him afterwards.

Is Ocanto OK? Thankfully yes! After the incident, his team tweeted out a condemnation of the violence and said that Ocanto was okay and hadn't suffered any injuries from the kick.

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