Watch A Soccer Player Get His Manhood Sliced Open Mid-Game

Soccer players may need to rethink the whole “not wearing a cup” thing after one particularly gruesome injury occurred during a Spanish Segunda Division game.

Mariano Bittolo, an Argentine defender for Albacete Balompié, took a cleat to the gentleman’s area while defending a high ball in the 82nd minute of play against SD Huesca. The irony is that it wasn’t even an opposing cleat that did the damage, but teammate Roman Zozulya’s errant right foot which caused the indescribable horror.

Zozulya manages to head the ball to their team’s goalie, but in the process accidentally thrusts down, dragging very pointy spikes down Bittolo’s unprotected groin. Bittolo immediately grabs his tackle box and drops to the ground in an agony so profound this video should probably come with an M for mature rating.


Even the opposing team got the sense this wasn’t the usual theatrics that soccer players are known for and go over to make sure that Bittolo is OK, which he is most assuredly not.

After spending some time writhing around in torment the video cuts to Bittolo limping off the field while waving for medical attention. Why a medic didn’t come with a stretcher is anybody’s guess, but kudos to Bittolo for having the cojones to even stand up.

The worst part is easily at the end when the video cuts out just as Bittolo pulls down the waistband of his shorts to inspect the damage. We can only imagine the look of horror that befell his face in the next couple frames.


Club doctor Eduardo Rodriguez told Spanish newspaper Marca that it took 10 stitches to close the wound. 10! That either says something about the wound or Bittolo, but we're not sure which. Maybe both.

Soccer isn’t the only sport where players have to be concerned for their man-parts. An Australian rugby player needed 11 stitches after nearly having his manhood ripped off during a game in France. And while most consider rugby to be a sport where injuries are more common, urologists are quick to point out that genital trauma can occur in any sport, and recommend protective gear for all athletes.

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