Wayne Rooney “KO’ed” In His Own Kitchen By Phil Bardsley

Stick to your day job, Wayne.

If you've ever wondered what would happen if you stuck Wayne Rooney in a boxing ring, here it is. Rooney and his pal Phil Bardsley went toe-to-toe in Rooney's kitchen, and it didn't end well for ol' Wayne. After trading punches for nearly a minute, Bardsley connects with a solid left that seems to knock Rooney out.

Later on, Bardsley's wife took to Twitter and claimed that Rooney was acting - that he jumped right up and the two men had a good laugh about it (although this is not captured in the video).

If that was an acting job, perhaps Rooney has a future as a stunt double, because he sure looked to be out cold.

Rooney did have some fun with the incident, though, as he mocked his knockout during a goal celebration on Sunday after he scored against Tottenham.

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