World Cup 2018: Watch Panama Try To Score Amid England Celebrations

Panama clearly wanted more than just the one goal against England on Sunday but their scoring method was a little unconventional.

Panama is playing at the nation's first-ever World Cup over in Russia right now. Last week they faced off against Belgium and suffered a 3-0 defeat, although they did hold the Europeans at 0-0 for a lot longer than most fans would have been expecting. Panama's second match was against England this past Sunday and they did not manage to hold off the former World Cup winners for anywhere near as long.

Center back, John Stones took just eight minutes to break down Panama's defense for the first time, and that opened the floodgates early on. By halftime, England was 5-0 up versus the Central Americans. Harry Kane made it six in the second half, completing his hat-trick by doing so, but there was still some history to be made. Felipe Baloy netted one for Panama in the 78th minute, making him the first Panamanian to ever score at a World Cup.


Panama actually thought they might be about to score a lot earlier in the match in what was a rather confusing move from the team. When Kane's penalty put England 2-0 up early on in the game, the Panamanians quickly restarted the match from the center circle and sprinted towards Jordan Pickford in the England goal while his fellow countrymen were still celebrating. Trouble is, that's against the rules.

You can check out the fan-shot footage above, which has been shared on social media a number of times. Midway through the attack, the referee blows his whistle, which is why it comes to an end and the ball is simply passed to Pickford. A FIFA spokesperson explained to The Mirror that all players, aside from the one taking the kick off, must be in their own half for the match to restart. Since the only England player back in the team's half was the goalkeeper, a Panama goal would not have counted.

Panama's loss to England means that both them and Tunisia have been eliminated from the World Cup as their opponents and Belguim will progress from Group G. Panama does still have one match left to play though, against Tunisia. No offense to the African side but that will be an easier challenge for the Panamanians. Tunisia is still a much more experienced side, but perhaps Panama will be able to make a little more history before they head home.


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