10 Best Matches Of RVD's Career

The legendary career of Rob Van Dam made him one of the most beloved wrestlers in the history of the industry. Van Dam made his name in ECW as a major breakout star. Most fans would look back and admi...

10 Wrestlers We All Forget Started in ECW

Extreme Championship Wrestling will forever have a place in the hearts and minds of wrestling fans from all over the world. It was the perfect storm of rebellion during a time when teen angst was cons...

5 Best ECW PPVs Ever (& 5 Worst)

Extreme Championship Wrestling was a promotion that had a rabid fanbase. To this day, nearly two decades after they closed their doors, those loyal viewers still chant for it. It was loved for being r...

10 Ridiculous Ways ECW Wasted Money

Extreme Championship Wrestling has been off the air for over a decade. Even the WWE-owned version of the brand saw its most recent episode in February of 2010, making the revived version of the promotion almost a decade laid to rest.

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