10 Athletes Who Hooked Up With Their Teammate's Spouse


Professional athletes are nearly herald as gods these days. Their faces are used for marketing and merchandising. The media will paint the athlete as a hero in regards to saving their teams and bringing them to victory, and more. This is why a professional athlete is expected to perform to a certain standard, which results in the athlete getting a pretty nice paycheck. While we would like to believe that professional athletes are gods and they stand out from the rest of us, when off the playing field, they are completely normal people. This means that they can make mistakes like normal people. But when this goes public, there is a lot of damage control that the athletics association have to do. Even though these athletes are adults and can make their own decisions, their choices could make or break the sport they are playing for, as well as destroy their careers in an instant.

In this video, you will meet ten athletes who hooked up with their teammates wives and girlfriends. It can be tricky when figuring out just how secrets like that get leaked. But a lot of the time, it’s leaked by the woman herself in an attempt to get some extra money from the athlete. Or, perhaps photos and videos were taken of the incident, and then their clouds got hacked. Participating in cheating and adultery is still looked down on in today’s society, and it can be shattering when an athlete shows they’re not so moral after all!