10 Best Stunts In WWE History


Most times when you flip on your television to watch pro wrestling, you expect to watch two men or women grappling with each other and maybe throwing in an insane move off the top rope. If you watch WWE though, there are times where you see something a little more crazy than just headlocks and flying elbow drops. Like vehicles being rammed into the rings only for Stone Cold to pummel Vince McMahon. Or Shane McMahon flying off the tallest structure imaginable only to hurt himself more than his opponents. Or how about Edge being sent into the place of flame and eternal damnation? In other words, STUNTS!

Most of these stunts in the WWE are of the violent variety, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they all were. To be honest if we were just going to do moments of crushing violence, all ten slots could have gone to Shane McMahon. That guy is a raving lunatic, move over Dean Ambrose. Sometimes these stunts are simply just fist-pumping moments of greatness that Hollywood would have loved to do. Zip-lines, beer baths of Coors Light and so much more, we have it all here. Having got all that out of the way, here are the 10 Best Stunts in WWE History.