WWE is live almost every single day of the year. During house shows, the wrestlers perform live for thousands of fans in attendance. Things are kicked up a notch when it comes to performing for television tapings. The WWE almost always airs live, creating unpredictable moments and crazy scenarios that keep the product exciting. Sometimes these crazy moments may include botches and huge mistakes made by the wrestlers. Watch and see 10 of these mistakes that aired live for the viewing audience.

Randy Orton has a number of quirky in-ring moves and one of them includes getting pumped up for the RKO. At the Over the Limit 2010 pay per view, things went a little too far and Orton ended up dislocating his shoulder. When a wrestler gets injured in the ring, you would expect that the referee is the first to know. That wasn’t the case with Chris Jericho and Neville as Neville broken his ankle and chaos ensued. Sami Zayn ended his storied rivalry with Kevin Owens at the 2016 Battleground pay per view, but the match almost ended early with a crazy botched move performed by Zayn. The Royal Rumble is meticulously planned out by Superstars, but things took a turn for the worse at the 2011 event when Alex Riley was accidentally eliminated during the match. Making a great entrance is awesome, unless you start getting burned by pyrotechnics. Other botches involve Spike Dudley, Koslov going over the top rope, Enzo Amore suffering a brutal injury, and Stone Cold Steve Austin’s early career mistake.