10 Fights For Conor McGregor BETTER Than Floyd Mayweather


After UFC superstar Conor McGregor defeated Jose Aldo and Eddie Alvarez to become the third UFC double division champion, and the first to hold two belts consecutively – he decided to take a break to aid his spouse through pregnancy and to raise his child. Sometime along the way rather than booking an MMA fight, Conor began to chase a boxing superfight with former pound for pound number one; Floyd Mayweather.

The fight doesn’t exactly make a lot of sense – while Conor McGregor would easily at Floyd Mayweather in any ruleset other than boxing – Floyd would only agree to a boxing superfight. Conor McGregor has never had a professional boxing bout in his life.

As a result, many fans feel like he is holding up the deepest division in the sport of MMA. With dozens of tough fighters both in and out of the UFC, it seems a shame that tough competitors like the deadly grappler Khabib Nurmagomedov and the current number one contender Tony Ferguson haven’t had the chance to test their skills against the double champ.

Not only that but there are many great fighters – who may not be in the direct runnings for a title who have simply terrifying skill sets that could provide a unique challenge for Conor McGregor like Edson Barboza, Robbie Lawler and the always deadly Donald Cerrone. Not to mention previous old rivals Nate Diaz and Joe Duffy who would fight him again in a heartbeat.

So we’re going to be talking about 10 Fights for Conor McGregor that are BETTER than Floyd Mayweather.