10 Greatest UFC Fighters To Never Win A Championship


It’s pretty wild to think that the UFC was on the brink of bankruptcy in the year 2000, back when they were owned by SEG. Fast forward 17 years, and the UFC is a multi billion dollar operation headed by Dana White and WME-IMG.

Since the UFC’s creation, we’ve seen a lot of great fighters come and go. Many of them have been in absolute slugfests and will forever be adhered by the fans. Take Stephan Bonnar, for example. He took part in the most exciting fight of all time against Forrest Griffin at the TUF 1 finale. This was the fight that officially made the UFC mainstream and put them on the map, as Dana White has billed it “the most important fight of all time.” The ratings skyrocketed during the fight, people literally had to be calling their friends, telling them to turn on the fight.

Despite the acclaim, and solid career that Bonnar went on to have, he still never captured UFC gold. Not only that, there is a whole slew of fighters that had much better careers than he did (winning percentage wise) and also did not capture a title during their UFC tenures. These names run the gamut from champions of other promotions who couldn’t repeat their previous successes to guys who graduated from The Ultimate Fighter reality show only to fail in title bouts. Take a break from all the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather talk for the 10 Greatest UFC Fighters To Never Win A Championship.