10 Most Amazing RKOs Out Of Nowhere


A third generation superstar and a twelve time WWE World Champion, Randall Keith Orton has been with the WWE for more than a decade and has had quite a few memorable moments along the way. He's kicked legends down flights of stairs, he's punted the owner of the company's head through football uprights and has been the cause of more snake-related puns than we care to count. However, it seems that his legacy will always come back towards his finishing manoever: the RKO.

The RKO (known as a jumping cutter to the true wrestling geeks) has been The Viper's calling card since 2003. Countless superstars have fallen, quite literally in this case, to this finisher and because of that Orton has built up quite a highlight reel filled with RKOs. Today The Sportster is here to rank the top 10 most amazing RKOs... outta nowhere. Get used to that.