10 Most Creative WWE Cheaters


Professional athletes are expected to be fit, classy, respectful, humble, and moral. Of course, professional wrestlers are an exception to this rule, as many of them are fat, classless, offensive, boisterous, and immoral. In fact, pro wrestling is probably one of the only competitions where cheating isn’t just allowed, it’s encouraged! Ostensibly, there are rules and regulations that are supposed to govern the competitors, but nobody really follows that, and fans get excited when a wrestler suddenly pulls a fast one on the referees, their opponent(s), and sometimes even the fans themselves. Pretty much the only thing you’re not allowed to do in wrestling is use steroids, and even that rule has only been in effect for about a decade and is more for the safety of the athletes.

Some forms of cheating in wrestling are unimaginative, such as suddenly introducing a steel chair or other foreign object to the match, kicking or otherwise striking an opponent in the groin, or obviously throwing salt directly in their face. (We’re looking at you, Ric Flair and Mr. Fuji, with those last two examples.) Other cheating techniques are more of an art form, like the ones we wish to discuss today. They involve imagination, trickery, deception, and misdirection - and can be pulled off by anyone from a wrestler or manager to an authority figure or referee. They don’t always get away with it, but when they do, it doesn’t sully their reputation - it only adds to their legend. Here are the 10 most creative WWE cheaters.