10 Most Shocking UFC Weigh Ins


UFC weigh-ins usually go one of two ways; the two fighters are usually respectful of one another and shake hands or they put on their best mean faces and stare deeply into each other’s eyes.

Other times though things go completely off the rails. Fighters get into scuffles, fighters miss weight and a whole other realm of possibilities are formed. That’s where most of these 10 moments come in. These ten weigh-ins are filled with crazy antics from fighters, shocking aftermaths from seemingly innocent weigh-ins and even a couple of moments of clever trolling.

Since the UFC has made their weigh-ins a spectacle this has given a stage for all these shocking moments to exist so here they are; the 10 most shocking UFC weigh ins.

Intro: A staple of combat sports, MMA and Boxing weigh-ins are often the site of great spectacle, controversy and even some fighting. The UFC’s weigh-ins are by far the grandest though and have produced plenty of memorable moments. Here are the 10 most shocking UFC weigh-ins.