10 Nerds Who Turned Into Superstar Athletes


If we were to go by the logic of high school, jocks and geeks could never cross over the battle lines. You put on your colors for one side and you wage war on the other! That stereotype lasted a good while before slowly becoming eroded as nerd culture started to permeate through sports and into the mainstream. Nowadays it’s cool to be fan of Marvel and DC comic books, video games are enjoyed by everyone and nerds don’t have to hide in the shadows anymore. Better yet, some of the biggest names in sports often flaunt their nerdiness. Heck some of them like WWE’s Xavier Woods or the UFC’s Demetrious Johnson have almost turned it into second careers. Whether it be people from the UFC, NFL or the NBA, the nerds have broken the ranks of sports. And with names like Tim Duncan, Georges St-Pierre and Ronda Rousey on our side, how can nerds lose? Here are 10 Nerds Who Turned Into Superstar Athletes.