10 People Who Got Addicted To Bodybuilding


Getting into a good habit of exercising frequently feels like such an achievement. Remembering to squeeze in a quick run first thing in the morning, or attending a spin class every evening can feel like a massive achievement – and so it should. But, some people get hooked on this success and take it too far. Today, we’re going to tell you all about bodybuilders who have done just that.

We all know that bodybuilders are amazing; the strength and dedication they’ve put into their muscles is something incredible, but along with the hard work and hours spent comes a situation not so friendly. The industry is a harsh one, and it’s all about growing muscles at a fast speed. Hours of work and a miniscule diet can seem like all for nothing, when you get to competition day and don’t even place. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that some builders get too hooked on it.

Today you’ll be hearing about the likes of Andreas Münzer, who suffered multiple organ failure from lifting too much. You’ll learn about Victor Martinez, whose dedication to the sport left him with torn muscles, and Branch Warren, who is nearly as wide as he is tall. Also, you’ll hear of some of the others at the top of the industry, and some who might have got there, if they hadn’t taken it too far, like Candice Armstrong, Greg Kovacs and Dean Wharmby.