10 Popular WWE Wrestlers Who Are Jerks in Real Life


Wrestling, like life, features a cast of human beings, all different both on screen and off, which can prove quite positive or disastrous, in many different ways. There are performers like John Cena or Daniel Bryan, who epitomize what it is to be a role model, both with their characters and their work outside the ring. WWE have opted to showcase this side of many performers since going PG in 2008, as they are aiming for more endorsement deals and mainstream coverage. Therefore, guys like Cena will stay at the top of the card and be highlighted for their work away from the ring.

On the other hand, there are performers who are maybe misunderstood, unfortunate or just plain jerks outside the ring, and this video will focus on the latter. Whether they are bullies backstage, politic their way to the top, abuse their power or are just simply jerks who don’t behave the way stars in a publicly traded company should, the following are 10 popular wrestlers who are known to be jerks in real life.