10 Secret Confusions Of UFC Octagon Girls


When we watch a UFC match, most of us are more focused on the fighters laying into each other than on the ring girls. But those girls have a front row seat to not only the show taking place in the octagon, but the one behind the scenes as well. The standards of behavior for ring girls is rather strict considering that their job requires them to wear skimpy outfits. Chandella Powell found this out the hard way when her past came back to haunt her during her career with the UFC. If you’ve ever wondered how much ring girls get paid, we have some answers for you from sources that the UFC refuses to confirm or deny. Logan Stanton and Natasha Wicks were both popular ring girls until they found themselves being unceremoniously booted from the organization with no warning. While we don’t have any concrete evidence about what happened, we’ll let you know what the girls believe. Looking at petite, blonde-haired Carly Baker, you may think that things would be easy for her, but this beauty has been through some traumatic things that she still doesn’t enjoy talking about to this day. Some ring girls want to reach outside of the octagon and parlay their careers into other avenues. Arianny Celeste claims to have made a million dollars thanks to being a ring girl and the exposure it brought her. She also had some choice words to say about Ronda Rousey, and a possible feud with some of her fellow octagon girls.