10 Sportscasters Who Were Distracted On The Job


How easy is it for somebody to get distracted at work? While working long hours at the factory, office, desk, classroom or wherever, your mind is bound to slip into thoughts not related to your job. What are you going to do after your shift? Did you pick up groceries? What’s the score of the NBA game? Now imagine this were to happen to you while you’re on TV? Now you know the nightmare that many an ABC and ESPN reporter have endured.

Sometimes it’s entirely their fault. They’re talking about football and all of a sudden they go off on a tangent that has nothing to do with what’s happening on the screen. Other time it’s entirely not their fault, especially in the case of female reporters. Let’s face it, often times athletes can be jackasses who act extremely inappropriately and verge on borderline criminal behaviour. That all being said, the numerous ways sportscasters can be distracted are numerous. Here are 10 Sportscasters Who Were Distracted On The Job.