10 Strongest Athletes Who Look Like Bodybuilders


There’s an interesting caveat to the competition in this list, as it isn’t just a ranking of the strongest athletes. If it were, we would just include the athletes who can bench or squat with the most weight and be done with it. However, the catch is that they also need to look like bodybuilders. This means their muscles have to be both large and defined. It also means they can’t be carrying any extra pounds around the middle, and should have flat stomachs and abs that pop. Bonus points if they’re all veiny too; bodybuilding judges eat that stuff up.

That eliminates a guy like Brock Lesnar, for instance. In Brock’s =competition, as his enormous muscles wouldn’t be cut or defined enough for most judges. After all, it’s about building the perfect body, not simply the largest muscles.

We also tried to balance the various sports and competitions in which each of the following athletes participate, lest we end up with too many football players or pro wrestlers. There’s also one final catch, and that’s the fact that athletes need to still be active to be considered - meaning retired or unsigned athletes did not qualify, no matter how worthy. That all being said, here are the 10 strongest athletes who look like bodybuilders.