Going pro in a professional sport comes with a lot of perks and opportunities. For many players, it gives them a chance to live out life-long dreams and have plenty of money to live off of for the rest of their lives. One of the first big purchases for professional players is a huge house. Owning a mansion comes with a lot of privilege and many of these NBA, MLS, NFL, Premiere League and MLB players grew up in not so great conditions. They really earned their paychecks and the ability to purchase these lavish homes. See where some of these sports stars started out and then watch in awe as you see their homes now.

Mike Tyson grew up in a poor neighborhood of New York City, but turned his boxing career into the ability to own multiple mansions. NBA Superstar LeBron James had a tough childhood and now he lives lavishly with multiple mansions all around the United States. Premiere League soccer players like Wayne Rooney, Alexis Sanchez, and Raheem Sterling all grew up in unimaginable conditions. They are now living a life of luxury thanks to their soccer skills. Their homes reflect the hard work that took years to achieve. Soccer phenom Lionel Messi also showcases his love for a game with a mansion that features an inspired look of a soccer ball. A massive pool sits right by the mansion and provides him with everything he needs to live a life of luxury.