10 Unbelievable Photos From The Attitude Era You Have To See


Before we get into some awesome photos from WWE’s Attitude Era, let’s talk about what exactly the Attitude Era is. Generally speaking, this was a time period that occurred from the latter half of the ‘90s until the first half of the 2000s. If you want to get technical, the “WWE Attitude” logo was used from November 1997 to May 2002, but incidents and events from the couple of years that precede and follow this period can also be included in the Attitude Era if they fit the bill. After all, this wasn’t an overnight flipping of a switch.

What is was, however, was a gradual but clearly defined shift away from some of the family-friendly storylines and characters of the Golden Era in favor of more adult themes. Not quite to the extent of the Ruthless Agression Era, which would come a bit later, but nevertheless a clear departure from the content of yesteryear. It also led to the rise of guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mankind, The Rock, Triple H, and Kane, along with an evolution of character for veterans like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, The Undertaker, and Mr. McMahon. This change in content also allowed edgier wrestlers to join the promotion, including The Hardy Boyz, Christian, and Edge, and encouraged WCW wrestlers like Chris Jericho, Big Show, and Eddie Guerrero to leap from their sinking ship.

For the record, this was also the first wrestling era in which the public was almost unanimously aware that the matches were purely for entertainment, which allowed the competitors to be themselves in their personal lives, and let the writers be more creative without worrying about believability. Thanks to all of this, we now have some wonderful photos of WWE wrestlers from both in and out of the ring. Here are 10 you simply have to see.