10 Unexpected MMA Moments You Weren't Supposed To See


When we sit down on the couch to watch some MMA, we like to think that we’re seeing something raw and realistic. When two individuals step into the octagon with the goal of beating the other into submission, it seems like we should be prepared to see a wide variety of strange situations. But from the utterly embarrassing to the terrible and petty, there are some things that the producers of MMA would rather we didn’t see, and some things we bet the fighters wish they didn’t experience! Like the romantic midnight kiss between Yoshihiro Nakao and Heath Herring, which resulted in Nakao being knocked out. Rousimar Palhares and David Gardner both got caught celebrating their victories just a bit too early, and for Gardner, both his pride and his fall were seen by the entire audience. While it’s always a good idea to try to knock your opponent out, Gray Maynard didn’t get that memo apparently, and ended up knocking himself out during a fight! But at least that’s better than Gilbert Yvel who turned his anger towards the referee, or Paul Daley who nailed his opponent with a cheap shot after the match was over. Although Andrew Whitney is also guilty of hitting someone besides his opponent, at least it was an accident, though we doubt that’s very comforting to the poor ring girl that he hit right in the face. And although he wasn’t in the ring, Joe Rogan threw an infamous temper tantrum when a corner man made a mistake in the octagon.