10 Unforgettable Sports Moments Caught On Live TV


Nobody’s memory is perfect. Face it, we as a human race watch a ton of sports, probably way too much of them. It only makes sense that for all the NFL, MLB, NBA, FIFA, or any other acronym laden names we subscribe to, we’re going to forget 99% of what we watch. It’s up for that one per cent that we do watch however to pick up the slack and be memorable for the rest of our lives. Thankfully for us, that is exactly the case here.

Whether it be a crazy upset, a play that stays on highlight reels until the end of time or just COMPLETE AND UTTER CHAOS, there are sports moments that are captured on television which stay fresh in our minds all the time. These are the iconic times where when you meet up with old friends, you talk about these moments. You can recall exactly where you were when they happened. These are the moments you try and recreate in the latest Madden or FIFA game. Here are 10 Unforgettable Sports Moments Caught On TV.