10 Ways WWE Raw Hasn't Changed in 24 Years


WWE Raw is not only one of the longest-running wrestling shows, but it is one of the longest-running shows on all of television. For more than 24 years, WWE Raw has gone through a lot of dramatic changes, but the show has also kept a lot of the elements that have made it such a huge success. Squash matches allowed new Superstars to showcase their finishers, characters, and helped introduce them to fans. WWE Raw is known for great tag team main events including six-man tag matches featuring some of the top WWE Superstars. A number of great Superstars have also debuted on Raw. This includes Brock Lesnar, Edge, and Chris Jericho.The Raw after WrestleMania is a huge event that is one of the best episodes seen every year. Vince McMahon and The Undertaker are both a huge part of the WWE Raw history and continue to appear on the show. WWE Raw often pulls out all the stops with great pyro effects and live wrestling action!

The WWE Network allows fans to relive old and new Raw episodes in all of their glory. When comparing a lot of these episodes, it's easy to see how many similarities there are. The Superstars and champions may have changed, but there are a lot of elements that have stayed the same. A lot of these elements are positive ones while others have not aged so well. Watch and take a look back on the historical run that WWE Raw has had for more than two decades.