10 Wrestlers Who Look Nothing Like They Did At Their Peak


Everyone in the world experiences the bizarre beautiful phenomenon that is aging. Whether you age very well or kind of poorly, the good part is that you can probably rest assured that your transition will remain mostly private. The same cannot be said for stars like the ones in the WWE. Whether you are Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Trish Stratus or anyone in between, you can be sure that the public will continue to check in on you even years after you have left the ring.

A lot of WWE stars look amazing in their primes, but sometimes those superstar bodies can be hard to maintain, especially if they weren’t achieved in the most natural of ways. For other former stars, the opposite transformation can sometimes happen as there have been many cases of stars like Stacy Keibler and Triple H actually getting in better shape after retiring from the wrestling company. Whatever the case may be, it’s always fun to take a look at where some of our former stars are now and what they are looking like. Here is our list 10 Wrestlers Who Look Nothing Like They Did At Their Peak. Enjoy the video and be sure to let us know which one of these stories was your favorite. Once you’re done watching, make sure you subscribe to The Sportster and join the notification squad!