10 Wrestling Families You Didn't Know Were Actually Fictional


The world of pro-wrestling is very much a family affair. There are many generational Superstars like Randy Orton and The Rock that got their start because of relatives in the business. The idea of family resonates so strongly with viewers that many of these storylines have been crafted around all types of family drama. What the wrestling universe doesn’t realize is that a lot of the families presented on WWE programming and beyond is actually fabricated. Fake family members are introduced as a part of a storyline and people quickly assume that it is real.

Take a stroll back in time to witness some of the fictional wrestling families that have fooled WWE fans for many years. We reveal who’s actually related, what names were made up, and how these stories played out through the years. These fake families include former World Champions, Hall of Fame Inductees, and some current members on the WWE roster.