10 WWE Superstars & The Superheroes They Should Play


Every WWE fan’s favorite time of the year is without a doubt, Wrestlemania. What used to simply be a wrestling show has evolved into a week long spectacular. But the very core of Wrestlemania is the WWE Superstars themselves. The larger than life personalities that square-off in the squared-circle, are what bring the screaming fans by the thousands. With all these WWE Superstars on our mind, and Superheroes constantly on our mind, we couldn’t help but wonder what some of these Wrestlers would look like sporting a cape and spandex… Err… Just… with… slightly more capes and spandex… Superkick back and check out our top 10 WWE Superstars & The Superheroes They Should Play. and be sure to subscribe to CBR, and hit the notify button, so you can join the notification squad!