10 WWE Wrestlers Who Had Tragically Short Careers


If you've ever watched one of the classic WWE “Don't Try This at Home” PSAs then one line is likely to stick out – “Careers End in an Instant”. That line is not stated for dramatic effect. It's actually true. Just like any other athletic sport, there are certain circumstances and situations where careers are cut short and wrestlers do not reach their full potential.

Currently WWE announcer Corey Graves was originally on his way to an in-ring career before it was cut short. Edge had a long career in the WWE, but it could have lasted for many more years if it wasn’t for nagging neck injuries. Another WWE Superstar that has dealt with neck injuries is Daniel Bryan. Multiple concussions and injuries forced him to end his “Yes Movement” long before it was time. Santino Marella made a whole career out of making WWE fans laugh, but it was no laughing matter when he had to retire and get neck surgery. Not too many successes have come from the WWE reality show Tough Enough, but Harvard grad Chris Nowinski was one of them. He could still be wrestling today if it wasn’t for severe concussions.

The following ten stars had promising futures in the WWE. Each one of them were natural entertainers and a huge part of the WWE landscape. Sadly, they were removed from the WWE roster long before their proper time to retire. It's hard to imagine how different the WWE would be if even just one of these stars had the ability to expand their career in pro-wrestling. Take a look back on their careers, how they were cut shot, and ways that they now contribute to the company.