There’s no loyalty in the world of pro-wrestling. Wrestlers are constantly looking out for themselves and trying to get better no matter who they sacrifice. Through the years, there have been some crazy betrayals. Superstars turning on superstars, factions imploding, and wrestlers creating all kinds of trouble in the ring. We look at some the craziest incidents to go down in pro-wrestling. Triple H has had multiple factions through the years, but none as memorable as Degeneration-X. Everything came crashing down back in 2002 when Shawn Michaels re-joined the faction only to get brutally attacked by Triple H. The act didn’t end there as Triple H violently assaulted Michaels the next week.

Hulk Hogan’s career completely changed when he left all his fans to join the New World Order. CM Punk also decided to leave fans behind by becoming the new leader of the Nexus. Recently, Big Cass attacked his long-time tag team partner Enzo Amore and turned heel for the first time. Kevin Owens is known for some crazy betrayals, including his former NXT buddy Sami Zayn. Shawn Michaels showcased one of the biggest betrayals in wrestling history by turning on Marty Jannetty and throwing him through a glass window. Christian also made waves in the WWE when he broke up with his tag team partner Edge. Eddie Guerrero spent years being friends with Rey Mysterio until he brutally attacked him and revealed haunting secrets. Other betrayals have involved Superstars like Chris Jericho, Stephanie McMahon, Daniel Bryan, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, The Undertaker, and Seth Rollins.