15 WWE Moments That Weren't Part Of The Script


The amount of micro-managing that occurs in the halls of WWE shows across the globe is insane. Scripts are constantly being re-written by Vince McMahon, wrestlers have to walk on eggshells and constantly watch what they say on-camera and off. Often times this leads to stale performances or a boring product that seems too restrictive and not as loose as it was yesteryear.

In the years of Mick Foley, Stone Cold and The Rock though, the atmosphere around WWE wasn’t nearly as spirit-crushing. Experimentation was encouraged much more and since the company catered to an adult/teenage market the product could be more edgy. Now while all of those moments aren’t simply be the result of WWE’s looser regulations at the time, there was definitely a sense from fans that anything can happen at any moment.

Sometimes that’s a good thing with superstars like The Undertaker and Mick Foley giving plenty of great moments that weren’t supposed to happen. Other times it gives way to horrific injuries or embarrassing disasters. Here are 15 WWE Moments That Weren’t Part Of The Script.