15 WWE Superstars You Didn't Know Were Cousins


In the world of wrestling, family is a huge factor. For years, storylines and content in the WWE has been built around the McMahon family legacy. There have also been numerous other wrestling families including the Hogans, Ortons, and the Harts. Along with direct bloodlines, several WWE families are composed of cousins that you didn’t even know were related. Current WWE female competitor Nia Jax is actually cousins with The Rock and they have hung out numerous times when the Rock visits with the WWE. The Undertaker took on Brian Lee when he played the imposter Undertaker. They looked so much alike because both of them were actually cousins. Tazz made a name for himself in ECW and the WWE, but he also tried to help out his cousin Chris Chetti when he started to wrestle.

Shawn Michaels has trained many superstars through the years and his own cousin Matt Bentley tried to follow in the Heartbreak Kid’s footsteps. Bentley made a career for himself in TNA. Former ECW manager Bill Alfonso helped his cousin David Canal get a career in ECW. Two of WWE’s biggest loudmouths were Jerry Lawler and The Honky Tonk Man. Both of them are actually cousins despite talking so much trash on each other. Horace Hogan is known for his relation to Hulk Hogan, but he is also cousins with the hardcore wrestling legend named Mike Awesome. Natalya comes from the infamous Hart family and this includes her cousin Teddy Hart. Rosarita is currently dating former WWE star Austin Aries, but she also has family connections with former TNA wrestler Amazing Red.