20 Facts About Conor McGregor


He’s one of the biggest names in the fighting world and sure to have a lot of people tuning in this August when he fights Floyd Mayweather Jr. Of course, we’re talking about Conor McGregor. This Irish-born fighter has been pretty dominant in the octagon and now we’ll find out if that can translate to the boxing ring. Even if you haven’t heard a lot about him before now, let us fill you in on this star of the UFC by telling you 20 things you need to know.

We’ll start you off by telling you how McGregor got into UFC in the first place. In fact, the way UFC President Dana White brought on Conor was quite unusual. Every fighter needs inspiration and we’ll show you how one of boxing’s greatest became a hero for this Irish fighter. In fact, it wasn’t just a boxing great, but a traumatic childhood fight that also spurred McGregor into professional fighting. He may be skilled, but many, including Sylvester Stallone himself, think McGregor is more of an underdog heading into the Mayweather fight – just like Rocky. Of course, McGregor is optimistic and thinks he could defeat Mayweather like a certain slithering animal. Additionally, we do have proof that Mayweather’s future opponent has experience fighting one of the biggest guys around, and he’s quite the mountain! Born in Ireland, McGregor was raised on the staple of soccer, or football as it’s known there. That quickly fell to the wayside when he discovered boxing and his love of fighting even caused him to drop a potential career as a plumber. Then there’s his girlfriend. A long time rock by his side, McGregor is unlike many other fighters in that he’s maintained a solid and healthy relationship with his girlfriend for the past decade. This likely comes from having two older sisters who are both standouts in the McGregor family – but for different reasons. Incredibly, just weeks before he made it big in professional fighting, McGregor was on social welfare. That all changed when the massive paycheques from fighting started to roll in. They were so big that he was the first MMA fighter to ever break onto Forbes’s list for wealthy athletes. Although we think if he accepted the offer to play a Bond villain he could have reached Forbes that way as well. Sure, he’s had losses but he’s always come back stronger with people like his trainer behind him. There’s no doubting his fists are potent weapons and we bet they’ll come out in force in a fight which is set to potentially land him a nine-figure payday.