5 Celebrities That Are Adrenaline Junkies


Being a celebrity comes with a good amount of stress and sometimes unavoidable, boring downtime. A perfect outlet or relief of stress for some of the world’s favorite stars literally involves jumping off a bridge or out of a plane! Aside from stress or frustration, some of them simply find the typical, normal past times a little too mundane for their taste.

They need to feel their blood pumping from the excitement, the anticipation, and then the actual momentum of either free falling or speeding in a suped-up sports vehicle. Fortunately for these stars, money is not a problem, so they can go insane with their thrill-seeking ways!

These adrenaline junkies can jump off as many high points as they want, they can drive the fastest, most expensive cars they can get their hands on to achieve that elevating rush; the high that they crave. Engaging in these risky, extreme acts is a true passion for these celebrity daredevils.

Here are a few celebrities who have a serious adrenaline addiction.