Hilarious Fighter Weigh-Ins You've Got To See


Fighters work hard to make sure their weight is in line with the championship they're fighting for. Whether it's mixed martial arts, boxing, or other types of fighting sports, the athletes meet for a weigh in, where they are measured, but they also get the chance to look their opponent square in the eye. They don't always remain civil, as sometimes the fighters are so pumped for their showdown that they let aggression and adrenaline get the best of them, scrapping before they even have a chance to get in the ring. But not every fighter chooses to get aggressive. Sometimes we get a glimpse at the personality behind the fighter, the good spirited sportsmanship shines through, and we get a hilarious show of good will and humor. Some fighters will cheers each other with their protein shakes or energy drinks, others pose for selfies, and the most gentle warriors even offer each other gifts, such as a bouquet of flowers. It's all part of the promotion and having a funny moment can help a rising star's reputation just as much as a vicious outburst. Let's check out these hilarious fighter weigh-ins!