Hilarious WWE Look-alikes That Make You Rethink Wrestling


When it comes to pro wrestling, every wrestler must have a distinctive look. This look, combined with the athlete’s move sets and their charisma, is critical for their future. A wrestler can be as good as anyone that came before him or her, but if they appear to look weak, or don’t have muscular or attractive qualities, they might not last in the business.

Some wrestlers have based their look entirely on peers that came before them, using past legends as inspiration. Others have been far more original and creative, using many different styles to make the gimmick work.

But what happens when a wrestler looks exactly like a certain celebrity? Obviously, it must be coincidence, but sometimes, the similarities are just astonishing. Since everyone in this world has a doppelganger somewhere, it’s easier to pick ones out for famous people, considering we see and hear so much of them on a daily basis.

In terms of the wrestlers in the video above, they each have unique and iconic looks fans will remember forever, but once they are placed side-by-side with their celebrity lookalikes, you may not be able to get the pictures out of your head for the foreseeable future.